Friday, June 7, 2013

7 QT {Alien, Pancakes and Cocktails}

A day that starts with me getting another person's feces on my hand before 8 a.m. calls for joining Jen for some early morning quick takes.

1) Mike and I are watching the Alien movies and I am loving them. I will just embrace it- embracing my nerdiness (ahem, Lauren). What's not to love? Outer space. In the 70s. All the "futuristic" stuff only looks forward about 10 years into the 1980s. Sigourney Weaver in a tight space outfit. Oh, you don't love that? Uh, me neither.

2) My parents are coming into town today, which has me all twitchy and excited and doing out of the ordinary things like cleaning and trying to get our house not looking like the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Weird, I know. It wasn't until Bernadette crawled out from behind a chair last week with a 1/4 inch layer of dust and dried apple juice on her legs that I realized that I should probably do something about the situation. Then I got more coffee,checked my email, and forgot.

3) I love when my parents come because they do things like 1)take us shopping at Sams Club, 2) take the girls bike riding in the back of their bikes with this chariot thing

 and 3) take us to IHOP (or some other wonderful restaurant) for breakfast.

4) It is going to take all the effort that I can summon in my sugar deprived body not to go nuts at the prospect of a delicious stack of pancakes slathered with butter and coated with a cup of syrup and undo all my hard weight watchers work. This is really the only way to express how I feel about the thought of a delicious restaurant breakfast..

I'll probably end up getting grits.

5) My wonderful sister-in-law and her sweet little family are moving in a few short weeks alllll the way to Virginia and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a whole lot of sad about it.
Mike and I are little Leo's godparents and Hannah and Ben have been such great friends to us over the past couple of years, so you can see why it is the worst that they are leaving. Ok. Now I have to stop thinking about it before I get all emotional, no one wants that.

6) Here's a video Mike showed me the other day that made me LOL.

7) On Monday I had a good friend over for a late afternoon play date, around the 4 o'clock hour, and decided to make us each a cocktail. The result? Best. Play date. Ever.I am pretty sure it should be come a weekly event, or at least monthly. Or daily, whatever. Here's how my friends feel about the idea:

Happy hour play date, anyone? Everyone.

I guess I should go face the reality of this day and stop hiding from the kids. Head over to Jen's for more!


  1. ZOMG play date-happy hour mashup is the best idea ever!!! I know what my cocktail of choice would be...

  2. I thought I was the only one who wants to serve cocktails at play dates!!! I've never suggested it to my mom friends because I'm afraid they'll think I'm an alcoholic... Can you move to Virginia, too? Then we can have playdates with Hannah and Leo!

  3. Next time I go through SB I will totally stop and have a happy hour playdate... at any time of day. You're a genius! Hope your day gets better, with lots less feces on your hands/anywhere else.

  4. Oh my...that video....hillllarious.

  5. Play dates with cocktails rule!! My kids are always soooooo much sweeter and well behaved when I have something to sip on (wink, wink!) Have a great weekend!

  6. Ok my go to IHOP healthy option is the Turkey Bacon omelette with fruit! I feel satisfied and the fruit gives me a bit of sweet! Enjoy your visit!

  7. When you go out to eat, there are no calories, didn't you know that?

    Also, yes...happy hour playdate sounds like the best thing ever invented. We're so doing that in August, ok?

  8. Play date cocktail?!? You deserve an award for that idea. Love it!

  9. Playdate cocktails sound awesome! Totally!

    And, I agree with Colleen....eating out calories don't count.

  10. #2 is too funny- sometimes I realize how dirty certain areas of the house are because of how Evie's clothes look. Leo is just precious, and playdate cocktails sound brilliant!

  11. Can I come to your playdates? I'll bring the tequila and I will never ever care how much dried apple juice is behind your furniture.