Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Joining Hallie for Five Favorites today and linking up with Aint No Mom Jeans for How We Wear it: Capris and Cropped Pants, is that allowed? I hope so.


I picked these puppies up at the Loft for less than 5 bones and I really like them. They're super soft and comfy and give me a good reason to shut my mouth and stop complaining about the unseasonable cool weather here in Indiana (The heat has been turning on every night. It is June.)
Mike saved the day and my life this past weekend when he took me out and got me this shiny new PC. Because I wouldn't survive without a computer and this one was well within our budget and even though it is not a Mac, something I never ever thought I would take issue with, I am slowly but surely adjusting to it. I am just so glad to have one again, so so glad.

I picked this stuff up a while ago and when I got home I wondered what the heck I was thinking and threw it to the back of the fridge. Then at lunch today I was assembling my rather bland, weight watcher friendly english muffin sandwich and trying to find a tasty but low calorie way to spice the thing up when I found this spread hiding in the back of the fridge and decided to try it. OMGeeezie, this stuff is delish. And luckily Mike hates cilantro so he will not be touching it and I am sure it would freak the girls out so.... it is alllll mine. And you only need a little to add a lot of great flavor to things. So good.

My secret, not so guilty, but kind of nerdy pleasure. I used to spend hours doing it before I was married and while I was newly pregnant and I do so love it. I do not have time to do it any more, but I am committed to at least scapbooking all of our kids' baby books and am just now getting to Lucy's. These are the only 3 pages that I have finished, but it was so fun to do even just a little the other day. 

Ana, that's not a camera, that's a baby. I know. But do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your camera with your camera? Very. So this is a picture that I took with it yesterday. Well, all of the above pictures were taken with it. It is actually my old camera, given to me by my brother, that I took with me to Austria and had through college until I swapped with my dad in exchange for a smaller, muuuuuch crappier camera. It took little to no effort at all to get him to trade back when I was visiting recently and I am loving it. It is at least a 10 year old Fujifilm Finepix, and I don't know how great it really is, but I am hoping it will at least slightly improve the quality of the pictures post to this here blog-- especially when I learn how to use it. We shall see.

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  1. As always, you are adorable, Ana. That outfit is the cutest. Almost as cute as that yummy baby. ;)

  2. "Ana, that's not a camera, that's a baby. I know. But do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your camera with your camera? Very. "

    That has me cracking up. I don't know why. But I keep reading it over and over and chuckling every time.

    1. I laughed so hard at that too-- we would be great friends, Cari.

  3. Oh, I wish we were having cool weather here. It was up to 95 today and too hot for the kids to play outside.

  4. How sad is it that I can totally relate to this comment?

    "Because I wouldn't survive without a computer"

  5. Ana, love the mint and stripes! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Outfit is super cute, and mama - you are looking great for having three! The WW is totally working, which is awesome for you. Gotta keep in shape to keep up with a crew of littles!

  7. That sandwich spread has my mouth watering. Delish.

    AND your cropped pants are too cute- way to rock the mint.

  8. I will have one of everything ... :)

  9. When you "find" awesome clothes at super cheap prices like that, is it at the store or online? I never seem to have as much success...

  10. I have that same computer. I had to say bye to my MacBook a few years ago and I've been very okay with that. For the price I'm much happier having my ASUS coated in pancake syrup than my Mac. Also, SCRAPBOOKING! I loved this too once upon a time, tried to keep up with the baby books, but I've only gotten one baby's book done....5 more to go. I think it's time I entered the intimidating world of online scrapbooking.

  11. Love your outfit! I cannot pull off skinny crop for the life of me! You do it well, though. :)

  12. Thanks for linking up with us!

    Cute look- stripes are always a yes for me :).