Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I Wore, How They Were, What We Did {too much information}

Linking up with the FLAP ladies and Grace for clothes and Mass behavior. Also a weekend recap because you care.

We had a really wonderful time this weekend with my parents, complete with a plenty of good food, better conversation, and diverted children to the max.

And a very sad amount of pictures taken as this is 75% of them. I am the worst, but the weekend was really the best.

My dad is an all star and brought us a new dishwasher as ours was pretty much on it's last leg and driving me a bit crazy with its sometimes-the-soap-compartment-won't-open-and-leave-your-dishes-smelling-and-looking-capital D Disgusting antics. I was ready to send it to dishwasher delinquent school. I think they have those.

And my mom set aside a beautiful heirloom writing desk for us that belonged to my late grandparents and brought it along with the dishwasher. We felt so spoiled and blessed and lots of other happy feelings, some of which could possibly be attributed to the load of delicious liquor purchased from Sam's club for an early father's day gift to Mike (and opened early). Like I said, we were a bit spoiled.

The girls' Mass behavior this morning can aptly be captured by both above pictures- having parents with us, or any relative for that matter, makes Mass go soooo much smoother. I'd give them the following grades:

Naomi: A-
Bernadette: C (for all the whining she so loudly does every time it even looks like I am coming close to holding another of her sisters, because for some reason at Mass, I am all hers.)
Lucy: B, for Ba Ba Ba babbling so loudly so much

And here's today's attire:

Maybe one day the blurry pictures will stop, maybe. And you didn't know we had an mini van Goghs living with us did you? Art camp, here they come!

Denim top coverage- Old Navy
Skirt- thrifted,
Colorful slippers- I killed the wicked witch of the east. Or Target, I don't remember.
Large yet not visible earrings- Also Target

And one more collage in honor of South Bend finally sporting some Summer-ish weather and of the fact that I didn't just bark "NO" when the girls asked me to swing them today:

And now head over to FLAP and Grace for more!


  1. So sweet and fun! I just loooove it when my parents come to visit. I still cry when they leave, despite having lived out-of-state for seven years now. I'm mature like that. And what is this baby weight of which you speak?? All I see is skinniness!

  2. Those shoes! A million extra points for pairing them with the denim top, which I would never think to do but which looks stellar!

  3. And... another one who loves the shoes! Also, I'm kind of coveting your swingset.

  4. I love the shoes, too! And I know what you mean. A large part of why Ryan miraculously had a good Mass day was because he had four people to rotate between. Why does family have to leave?

  5. Grandparents are the BEST for perfecting Mass behavior!

  6. Don't you love how even though we married awesome men our dad's still take care of us? My dad bought us a self-propel lawnmower a few weeks ago because he felt bad that I had to do all of the lawn-mowing, lol :o) I told him it wasn't necessary, but he insisted of course! That's what dads are for!

    Btw, LOVE the shoes!

  7. Cute outfit! And yay for dishwashers that work!

  8. Your shoes are so cute--I love the color!

  9. This is Dad. Loved the pictures and comments. Makes me want to get into my alcohol stash. Love you guys.