Monday, June 10, 2013

night owls

Every once in a while I will pretend that I don't have kids and stay up super late hanging out with Mike. I blame the fact that we had approximately 1 month of newly married life before an in-utero child made it so that I literally could not keep my eyes open past 9 p.m., and even if I did stay up, I was sure to be holding back throwing up all over the place while we hung out, which was a real downer. Last year around this exact time Mike and I took a little overnight vaca while my parents watched older ones.

I had not even thought it through that it had been an entire year since our trip, but I knew it because I could feel it in my bones that I just neeeeeeeed a break from these kids and some time with my fun husband. So that is why last night I threw caution to the wind and stopped checking the clock around 10 p.m. because we were... wait for it... talking. And no one was interrupting us. And it was FUN.

Nights like last night- where I don't put a time limit on our time together- are a really rare thing because the next day almost always promises to kick me in the ovaries repeatedly from sun up to sun down.  The problem seems to be that the girls can smell that I have been up late. Or in this case Bernadette could smell it. And it must have smelled like candy or oreos because she was all over it like it was her favorite treat in the world.

I think the clock was coming close to the 12:30 a.m. mark when we realized it would probably be a good idea to act like we had responsibilities, and even though Bernadette has been sleeping fine through the night and never EVER sleeps with us in our bed and NEVER attempts to climb up there with us, it was a frizzy haired Beezie that greeted me in bed circa 2:30 a.m.

Then again at 2:50.

Then Lucy woke up around 3 or something.

Then kids were up screaming around 6. 

Do you really care about this?

Ok, I will stop.


Even though somewhere in my body I summoned the strength to greet the day and all three girls, it was again Bernadette who decided to dump apple juice allllll over the kitchen and somehow in Naomi's hair while I briefly stepped out during the still hazy breakfast hour.

Somehow I managed a trip out to the grocery store with all three without losing my mind (miracle of miracles) and purchased a new mop with which to clean the sticky kitchen floor, and I will let you guess whether or not that has actually happened.

It hasn't.

And then I sent them outside for Naomi to soak her hair in the sprinkler so that i would not have to bathe them again because it has only been 2 days since there last bath and I try to stick to a no more than 1 bath a week schedule. And I like my schedules.

The only way I am managing to type this is that I put on some Jesus worship CD for the girls, which I would ordinarily never do so they think it is super exciting, and it sounds like they are alternating between body surfing (do people do that anymore?) and singing along so I will call that my religion lesson for the day.

I am pretty sure my pillow will be greeting my head by no-later than 9:59 tonight, because I am old and boring and taking care of kids is hard. But I wish I could hang out like a college student every single night, because hanging out with Mike is way more fun.


  1. Aren't those nights the best? I think I'm probably guilty of indulging in way too many of them to the detriment of my parenting skillz but I just can't resist. Sweet husband + moments of quiet? How could *anyone* resist that? ;)

  2. So true. And so painful the next day. My three year old asks me every morning, "Mommy, was it a rough night?"

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough night/morning, but I loved this. Especially the sprinkler-in-lieu-of-a-bath thing. Because I've been recently wondering if playing at the water table can substitute for a bath. I'm considering setting a bottle of shampoo outside and letting them play stark naked.

    Also -- glad you had such a good evening with your hubby!

  4. Good for you! I probably do this too much. We are night owls. In a few years, Anna, you can set up bowls of cereal and little pitchers of milk for the kids to fix cereal and the oldest will pull the little one out of the crib for you! That only works on the weekend, but just recently the kids will sort of leave us to sleep in a little. It's awesome.

  5. I agree with Kathleen! Eventually, they can get themselves up and amuse themselves and let you sleep a little bit. It DOES happen, I promise!!

  6. I know exactly what you mean. Such a hard call-spend time with hubby? Or have enough energy for the day? Glad you chose hubby!

  7. I'm pretty sure that, because we grew up in Florida, my mom counted the pool as a 'bath'!!!

    Also, my hubs and I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but always end up staying awake and chatting till 11pm. Without those few hours of time together, I feel like I don't really talk to him or just talk in snatches. It's way worth it!!

  8. I have a feeling that pretty soon I'll be saying the exact same thing! My husband and I only had about 6 weeks of newlywed life before we were expecting our first little one and he is arriving in a couple of months. I keep trying to soak up as much one on one time w/ my husband as possible while I still can!

  9. We've stayed up late all week (well, it's Tuesday, so...) watching the Duggars on youtube or having bid dream talks...and it has been so great. And of course the kids can smell it. Tantrums. Night wakings. Urine. The best.

  10. TV for kids in the morning is the hangover cure (date hangover not alcohol hangover - though they usually go hand-in-hand!)

    It's so great to have a marriage where this is fun! Phil and I get heckled for putting our kids to bed early, but you know what? 3 hours of kid-free time at night is worth the early morning wakeups for us :)

  11. Man, I never go to bed before 12 - no wonder I have patience thinner than my grandpa's hair.

  12. My other half and I are squeezing in lots of little trips and date nights while we can but we are pretty much in bed by 10pm 6 out of 7 nights...what are we going to be like when babies come along?!! :)

  13. Hi! Found your blog last night via Camp Patton. I had horrible insomnia and read through A LOT so if you check your stat counter and see a stalkerish person who was reading during the middle of the night hours that would have been me. :) Anyway, thanks for your "real" perspective about motherhood...I enjoyed reading and love adding new Catholic mom blogs to my list! :)