Saturday, August 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Join Mrs. Fulwiler for some Saturday takes which are mostly pictures of my progeny.

1) I succeeded in helping to host my friend, Danielle's baby shower yesterday, with copious cinnamon rolls, homemade pom poms and et all.

I was all too proud of myself for endeavoring to make these things, which I have only ever seen on DYI queen, Natalie's blog and other awesome Pinterest boards. Obviously I really rose to the challenge:
"A" for effort or something.

2) Lucy's favorite thing to do in the world is to look at herself in the mirror, sweet little narcissist.

It be da the best.

3) Speaking of narcissism, I got on Twitter after how ever many years it's been around of being decidedly against it. Since I had no real reasons for being against it, it was really just a matter of time before i got sucked in. You should follow me and suck me in even more.

4) We are in beach preparation mode which means babies eating "sunscream" while I try to pack and toddlers pretending to help but really just walking around in deflated inner tubes. 

So so fun.

5) As if this one even needs words, Bernadette was having a great time posing for pictures with me yester-afternoon.

Unbeknownst to us Naomi was ruining the afternoon by waking Lucy up from her nap by throwing unopened packages of bed sheets and baby monitors into her pack and play.

6) On that note, I really feel some days like the girls (well mostly Naomi because she is so old and can think through what she is doing and then decidedly DO IT) are actually trying to ruin my life.

 Heather, I think it calls for a cartoon.

7) Time to pack and pretend to pay attend to the kids. Have a great remainder of the weekend!


  1. I say yes to this cartoon you speak of. YES.

  2. I feel that Lucy is looking like Bernadette. Is this true?

    My youngest sister called it "somescream" til like, last year. She's 10...

    Great job on the poms! They're totally pinteresty.

  3. Congratulations on the shower decor!!
    Re #6: I just kills me when my oldest does something I know she knows not too.
    Happy Vacation (prep)!

  4. Darnit, I'm making those puff balls for a shower next weekend and I was hoping they'd be easy.

    And waking the baby up....not ok!

  5. Joseph totally calls it "sumscream" - it makes me laugh every time. And he also just called your Lucy "Dude" (Jude). I informed him that it was a little girl named Lucy and he said "Woocy!"
    Also - I think your pompoms look great!