Sunday, October 20, 2013

you're the inspiration

Friday night Lucy came down with the black lung. Or the plague. It's possible that it's just a cold. Ok, it's only a cold. But holy drama, she was acting like she was going to need some sort of medical emergent intervention on Friday night screaming bloody murder from her crib every hour on the hour and in the end I was doing something I have not done in over 9 months: sleeping in bed with her.

I had to kick Mike to the guest bed just so I could get 1 extra hour to add to many 2 other hours before the girls awoke and descended on my Saturday, which conveniently saw Mike working all day (not complaining, just saying.)

Anyways, to keep the day moving along yesterday, I took a jaunt to a local church rummage sale to check out the goods and came home with a few $1 necklaces, an extra large flannel shirt and a pair of giant black polka dot shorts previously worn by no one younger than seniors home age and more inexplicable sleep deprived inspiration to do something with my new pieces, but we'll focus here on the polka dotted Grandma Erma shorts

Let's get down to brass tacks. Here is the bottom frock before:
When I grabbed them at the sale, I liked the print and was really hoping that it was already a skirt that I could just alter a little to fit me. Then I saw that there were actually 2 skirts, one for each leg, connected by more between the leg fabric. I almost put them back down but then I figured that I would only be out $1.50 even if it didn't work out. Lucky for me it did work out just fine.

I snipped out all the excess middle fabric, then sewed the legs together and worked on taking the waist in and the hem up after that. It took about 45 minutes all told and unlike a lot of the things I alter and end up barely wearing, I wore it to Mass today and think I will be exploring its full potential all fall and maybe winter long.

I wanted to wear it like this to Mass:

(And what's that you're thinking? You'd love a tutorial on how to turn your awkward height almost ankle boots into slightly less awkward ankle boots? You got it: fold down the top and wear.)

But then I figured that I should tone down the outfit for the holy sacrifice of the Mass and maybe stick with a classier look or something. Here's what I actually wore:
I wore the look and all. Actually, I was wearing the smile pictured below for almost the entirety of the day because Mike so graciously got up with the girls this morning and let me go for a nice extra long run today (i.e. longer than 6 minutes flat). He be da best.

So in the end the I think I will wear the finished product a teeny bit more than the geriatric MC Hammers.

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  1. Wow..that's a pretty neat alteration. Good've inspired me to try altering a few things that are too big.

  2. amazing transformation-you've got such a great sense of style!

  3. I NEVER would have seen that adorable skirt in those heinous shorts! You are a visionary:)

  4. I like both looks! Way to look past hideous shorts and see the potential. ;)

  5. LOVE the burgundy tights! I can't believe you made that skirt out of those shorts. I bemoan my serious lack of sewing skills when I see you do things like that. So cute!

  6. You most definitely could have pulled off the mustard sweater/burgundy tights/booties. Do it next time!

  7. You look nice in both pictures of course, but I LOVE the first outfit. Oh gosh, it makes me want to run out and buy a mustard cardi and some burgundy tights! And I'm still loving you in the ankle boots.

  8. You look great in ALL the pics!!

  9. Man I wish I could sew! This is awesome!!