Friday, November 15, 2013

Seven! Quick! Takes!

Joining Jen late in the game for some quick takes, because Mike is decoding shorthand Latin and I just can't not.

1) Praying praying praying for Anne and her sweet girls tonight and hoping you all will too!

2) If you were getting at some point and then stopped getting email subscriptions from Time Flies, feel free to try the little doohicky on the right side of the blog again and let me know if it fails you or don't. Lovely feedburner just got all crazy on me stopped working and I think it may be working again but there is just no way of knowing.
^Totally unrelated, but still pretty great.

3) I cleaned today.                                       

Birds chirping.

Which may not seem ground breaking to you but for me it kind of was. For all you moms who have official "cleaning schedules" or who "do deep cleaning on a weekly basis" let me throw out a piece of wisdom I just gained today: you should stop!! Here's why:

  • If you clean like crazy every week, your husband starts to get used to it. Mine, on the other hand, says things like "WOW! What are you doing? You're amazing! This looks so great!!!" For just doing a simple thing like cleaning the shower. You see what I'm saying? The less you do it, the more grateful he will be! I promise.
  • Also, your children will be so much better behaved while you're cleaning simply out of shock over what is happening. Like today when Bernadette came out of her nap to see me mopping the kitchen floor and responded: "What... what is going on? Why are we moving everything?" And sat in a happy state of confusion for the remainder of the chore. The less you do it, the more confused they will be, and hopefully the more subdued.
5) Obviously, that last one counts for at least 2. Can I just say that I am dying to try these Amish sugar cookies? I am. Dying.

6) Sometimes Lucy looks like a kid from the Newsies.

                        ^Buy me last pape, sir?
Sometimes or a lot.

7) I was pleasantly surprised and excited about Mike's positive response to my possible attendance at Jen's Party of Awesomeness and I am hoping all the stars align and carry me to Austin in July because it would just be super fun. And I hope to see you there

Have a splendid weekend and hit up Jen's for more!


  1. Yes, the less you clean, the more the gratitude overfloweth when it happens. You and I, cut from the same cloth. I'm trying to make it down to TX too! It'll be rad to meet the internet friends people don't believe I have.

  2. Haha I am also a sporadic cleaner. Your newsie daughter is adorable. And Amish sugar cookies sound totally amazing!

  3. The random hug photo just made my night.

  4. I absolutely love number four. And yes -- that hug picture -- oh, my... It doesn't get much sweeter than that!

  5. I really don't clean as much as a 'should'. Now that it is winter and my hubby is not working nearly as much as he does in the summer he does a good amount of cleaning. If I can keep my head above the laundry pile - I consider it a good week : )

  6. hahaha when my mom cleans we all ask who's coming over. Of course that gets instant cooperation because we all love company!

  7. Amish sugar cookies are the BEST. I should know, I grew up on them, although my great-great aunt (who's recipe I still use) was Mennonite. I don't make them often because it's an occasion of sin; gluttony and not wanting to share any with the kids.
    My husband also didn't complete shoot down the idea of me attending the soiree of the season either, which gives me a glimmer of hope. If we get a huge windfall of money, I know I'll definitely get to go! And if we don't get a windfall, I think if I forfeit all Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and Mother's Days gifts for the next three years, there still might be a slim chance.

  8. My husband didn't immediately shoot me down either, so I'm hoping against hope I'll be seeing you there! Those cookies sound amazing, btw, and I could really use some in my life.

  9. #4 - hahahahaha!!! I'm jumping right on that train with you!