Sunday, January 26, 2014


Joining Jenny in spirit for her Wellness Project (sort of) because I got myself dressed and put earrings on and I'll also get crazy and join the good ladies at FLAP for some Sunday outfit action, well actually Saturday outfit action. You get it.

Tunic:Old Navy
Scarf: DIY
Leggings:Just One  
Boots: Thirfted
Coat: H&M via thredUP
Hat: Krogers, not kidding

I am really inspired and excited about Jenny's new undertaking, (especially for when these hazy, nauseous, first trimester days are done) but even during these days I'm glad to have the reminder from a good blogging friend to give some attention to myself. So what if I am showering and putting my makeup on to go and lay down on the couch for another hour? I feel damn good about myself while I'm laying there. This is definitely a "bare minimum" season of life with workouts being non existent, yoga pants being the daily uniform, and my hair going from wet to bun and wet to bun again, it's just the way it has to be right now. On a really good day I will take a curling iron to my hair and hide away in another room to read some of a book, but for the most part I am absolutely just trying to survive.

Which is all an explanation for why on earth I wore a house dress to Mass. I tried to call it a "tunic" to Mike who responded that it was pretty much just a mumu but stretchier. Touche. Whatever, the folks at Old Navy called it a tunic, and so even though I lounged in it all day and had multiple food stains on the side of it, tunic+scarf+hefty snow boots it was. I told myself that the jacket dressed it up enough, but I think all it did was hide the food stains- whatev, survival is survival. And obviously my hair did not see the light of the curling iron for the vigil either, but hey, I'm smiling in the pictures! So we're happy and dressed and I'm trying to drink more water. Sooo win!

Happy Sunday and hit up FLAP for more! 


  1. Very cute look! Love your boots. Agreed, it's amazing how much putting effort into our appearance can lift our day :)

  2. I kind of think that in the winter, the more layers you add the more dressy an outfit gets... I mean, to a certain extent... But yeah, first trimester you totally get a pass, and you still look cute!

  3. Agree ~ if Old Navy says it is a tunic; so it is!!
    And the scarf was a great bunch of color.

  4. Tell Mike that mumus are in! My entire summer wardrobe has been flowy mumus!
    You look fab. I hope the morning sickness runs away soon and just quietly, i'm very jealous of that snow! I have to drive 8 hours in Winter to toboggan on slushy "snow"/slush.

  5. I love every single thing about this outfit! And tell your husband to hush. If Old Navy calls it a tunic - it's a tunic!

  6. Mumu, tunic, who cares what it's called if it's comfy and in style? And, um, you're pregnant so basically you get a pass on everything :) I do like the outfit a lot though actually!

    Olivia, you are crazy, snow is BAAADDD!! Okay, I don't really think that, but I am awfully tired of it this winter. We're just a few hours east of Anna (I think, you're somewhere near Stuebenville, right?) and we've been getting slammed with snow this winter. Craziness!