Tuesday, February 11, 2014

for love of the blog

This pregnancy has seen the worst 1st trimester sleep out of all the pregnancies so far which makes for some looooong mornings where every second leading up to nap time draaaaags like the dickens and every single naps time finds me sprawled out on the couch desperately trying to sleep a little to the tune of Naomi's various made up songs. Among the many down sides of this scenario is that nap time was previously when I did my beloved blogging. You do the math... ok I'll do it for you: no nap time blogging=no blogging.

I don't actually flatter myself to think that anyone is sitting around wondering why I have posted less (I really really don't!), but the thing is that I HEART blogging in a huge way and really miss it when I can't do it. And so it is happening today for better or worse because 2/3s of the dependent offspring are awake from their sorry excuses for naps after 45 minutes. Neglect it is!
If these two slept anything close to as well as Bernadette my life would be completely different.

The other night at the grocery store I was buying some trash bags and pushed aside a box that didn't look like the right kind to reach for the kind I wanted. When I pushed the unwanted box aside, I heard myself whisper an apology to it. I apologized to the box of trash bags for moving it aside and because it was not to be my trash bag of choice that night. Who am I?

I made these caramel sticky rolls this weekend and ate easily 1/3 of the pan myself. They were supposed to be pecan rolls but I had to pecans, we all survived the nut deprivation.
I was fixing to do an entire recipe post about it, but that makes no sense because all you need to do is click on this link and make them. Recipe post done. They are amazing and you will not regret it.

I don't know why I consider it some sort of developmental milestone when I can finally put my girls' hair into pigtails, but it almost always tops speaking in full sentences in my mind, or at least on my blog. Lucy had her first set of pigtails this weekend and even let me keep them in for Mass! So it's like a double milestone I think.

I had sweet Katrina over for a play date yesterday and as always it was so lovely. Her boys are the absolute cutest and Lucy kind of fell in love with little Conor. I was especially overjoyed about this because I have been a little worried about how Her Clinginess is going to do with the new babe come August, but I think he/she will win her over. The most amazing part of Katrina's visit was that she ever so generously came bearing a surprise dinner for our family last night, and by doing so made my entire week because shopping/meal panning/cooking are all equally the bane of my existence right now thanks to the nausea and food aversions that keep on keeping on. She is the best and so was her potato soup (next Kat in the Kitchen, me thinks?)

I am sure everyone and their mother has heard of and is waiting on tickets to go on sale for the Edel conference, but if you have not made your way over to the site you should DO SO!! It is going to be the party of the year and provided my cervix holds up and my doctor concedes I hope to be there sporting the biggest belly of them all.

There are other things bouncing around in my head but I will do you all a fav and spare you.
Until next week!


  1. Those caramel rolls look delicious!! Loved your post :)

  2. I HAVE noticed your absence. and I HAVE missed your posts. So sorry you're not sleeping, that is the pits. I hope your second trimester brings a change on that front.

    I just about died that you apologized to the trash bags. I'm assuming that event and the zero sleep policy are linked? Hang in there Ana!

  3. If it's any consolation, I miss when you blog, too! Hope the blechy morning sickness ends soon.

  4. Glad you're back and hope those girls cooperate so you can get both rest and blog time.

  5. I like how you forgot about the parts where I spilled tea on your carpet and probably sparked a million questions from poor, scarred Bernadette.

    Aaaand I always love seeing how we have plates from the same pattern :)

  6. I do look for your posts every day Ana! Love your blog so much! Hope you feel better soon! Totes making those caramel rolls. Yum. Yum!!!!!

  7. If I ever come visit, will there be caramel rolls? They look amazing. Oh, and little girl pigtails are the cutest. I can't wait til Sophie's hair is long enough for them.