Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 favorite photos from the week

Or more accurately from last Tuesday until now.
Linking up with Hallie, the Spiciest for the lazy man's blog post (mostly pictures). Just consider this my version of one of those "Instagram picture" blog posts if I owned something other than a flip phone from the year 2000.
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The happiness that summer brings.
 We planted a "Mary Garden" and did our own mini May crowning. Not the worst parents in the world after all.
 Because the sandbox, pool, water table, riding toys and copious other toys were not enough, they built their own outdoor fort.
Pigs flew and I let the girls paint.
Instead of mixing every color together and painting full pages of what look like giant piles of poo, they actually painted real pictures for the first time in their lives (if I let them paint more than once every 8 months I am sure it would have happened sooner). So I hung them up. 

Summer has come to South Bend and I can hardly even believe it. I no longer look up what the weather will be with an intense sense of foreboding. Everyone that I tell my due date to looks at me like I am the unluckiest lady in the land for being pregnant during these hot months, but honestly I am just so thrilled for the warmth and the sun and with my trusty go-tos in my possession now I am just fine with being pregnant this summer. Check in with me mid-July and I am sure my tune will have changed entirely, but for now I am just happy that the sun is out.


  1. Is it just me, or does it seem like the actual season of spring gets shorter every year? How are they in swimsuits already - didn't you just need your winter coat last week?!

    Look at you winning fun mom award this week! Sunshine really does make a difference, huh! My husband claims that I'm solar-powered.

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I love the painting ones, so much happy! :)

  3. Their pictures turned out great! I think you and I loathe crafts with the same passion!

  4. Oh so sweet! We have paintings all over our dining room table right now. ha!
    I am so with you...warm weather any day over cold! You are going to just die over the cuteness of little boys. So excited for you!

  5. Such beautiful girls - can't wait to see them (and you, of course)! :)