Monday, May 12, 2014

Hahnmark Cards, A Mother's Day Collection

On the occasion of my 29th birthday a couple month ago it came to light that Mike has a gift for card making. He always finds a secret time to make a bunch of cards with the girls where he does outlining for pictures and the girls color them in, then the girls dictate their messages and Mike writes what they say down. But this year his gift has really exploded. He is an artist really. And a poet.

At first it looked like just the typical cards made by Mike and colored in by the girls:
A translation because of the blur and the confusing nature:
"Dear mommy, I want you to have a happy writing and I can't wait for you to have birth.I want you to have some favorite colorings and the rest of your life can come from mother's day. Love, Bernadette"
That one was dictated verbatim from Bernadette.

Then there was one from Bernadette without a message.
Obviously that is her hand and fingernails.

Then it started to get more interested with one from in utero Baby Joseph:
 "Dear mommy, you are very warm and dark. I like kicking you. Love, Baby Joseph"
That one is my personal favorite.

Then there were these:
 "To a mom who always looks so beautiful when I sneak into her room at night to watch her sleep"

 "To a mom who is even more fun than stomping on stink bugs"

"The only thing more terrifying than clowns is the thought of forgetting to thank you for being the best mother ever. Love, Lucy "

I think he has a real future in this business if theology doesn't work out.

It was a splendid mother's day complete with a nap, a mini pilgrimage to the Grotto like last year, AND solo errand running and maternity clothes shopping while Mike did the bedtime routine alone.

Best husband ever. Best card maker ever.

Hope all you mothers had a spectacular day!


  1. oh my .... Baby Joseph's is my favorite by far. And I love his name!

  2. That is so sweet! My mom has some killer blackmail cards that I made when I was little. ;)

  3. I think he is onto something with that clown card...

    LOVE the name Joseph. :)

  4. That's so awesome. Made me truly LOL.

  5. Sweethearts, all of them! …Who knew Lucy had the diction of (what sounds to me like) a British writer?! Happy Mothers Day, Ana!

    I'd love for you to join in my wedding linkup, by the way!

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