Monday, June 9, 2014

signs of the times

It may have been catching a glimpse of my reflection in the grocery store window and noting my duck-like waddle that gave me a hint. Or perhaps it was the ever-so-kind lady who saw me Saturday and exclaimed with confidence "You're probably ready to POP any day now!" (nope, "3 more months", I assured her despite her disbelieving stare). Whichever it was, I am here. I have arrived at the third and final trimester.

Tomorrow marks the big 30 week mark and you can NOT count on any full body pictures for probably the duration of this pregnancy because I am trying to limit my interaction with all cameras, recording devices or objects which provide a reflection. The literal count down to the day I can legitimately get the ball rolling to get this baby OUT and in my arms has begun. I am here.

That being said, I must also admit that the third trimester is fun in a lot of ways (not even being sarcastic!). I get to actually start thinking concretely about this new person being on the outside and all the fun and craziness that will entail without feeling like I am jumping the gun or something. I get to scheme and try to convince Mike to let me paint rooms and start organizing like a freak and give myself a pass to lay on the couch while the kids watch all our VHS films. It's kind of fun.

I mean, on the one hand the intensity of the back, joint and foot pain is reaching new heights I never knew possible and that I thought was reserved strictly for the greatly geriatric. And sure, the effort that it takes to hoist myself out of a chair or off the floor is matched closely only by elephants in labor or construction workers lifting stacks of cinder blocks (I'm not quite to the Chris Farley confinement stage yet, but I am sure getting there).

There are many tell tale signs of the third trimester for me, some are rough and some are good:

+ rib kicks (for the first time ever, I have felt the pain of a swift rib kick. thirdtrimester)
+ doubling the midnight pee trips. thirdtrimester
+ sosososososososososososo tired. thirdtrimester.
+ heart burn! thirdtrimester
+ more nausea! thirdtrimester
+ maternity shirts only reaching half way down the belly. thirdtrimester
+ profuse sweating (this is probably just me in our non-air conditioned house, but still)- thirdtrimester
+ the crying. oh, the crying. thirdtrimester (ok all pregnancy really)
+ I just googled "fastest way to heal cracked feet". Sick, so so sick. thirdtrimester.
+ cringing every time I need to bend over to pick something up or lean forward to get things. thirdtrimester. 

BUT! We need not just cover the rough patches, because there is always a nice little silver lining (ahem, yes, THE BABY!) Right and there are others:

+ the movement! I love feeling his kicks and actually being able to attempt a guess what limb I am feeling. So weird, so crazy, so great. thirdtrimester.
+ the labor excitement. This begins the time where I stalk people's blogs who have recently given birth and pour through their stories. Scary, laid back, intense, calm, crazy, funny, I do not care, give me a birth story and I will love you forever. Thank you Dwija for getting me through today. thirdtrimester.
+ weird spurts of productivity. Last week found me finally tackling the crazy kitchen organization of 2014 and liking it! I also planted the rest of our vegetable garden

and bought flowers and did some hanging baskets, which is really monumental for this very non-green lady. thirdtrimester.
+ I was wonderfully justified in my recent purchase of the above pictured cute Birkenstocks.
Thank you Mary and Laura for solidifying my decision with your cuteness and claims of comfort. Because cracked feet be disgusting and back pain is hard. thirdtrimester.

In summation, the third trimester brings with it such a huge range of emotions and other things: excitement, fear, motivation, discouragement, an inability to move and the urge to get ALL THE THINGS DONE! It is crazy hard and really wonderful and while I do genuinely wonder how on earth we are making it all the way to August, I know I need to cherish these moments and soak up this time with this baby.

So thank you, third trimester, for the opportunity to do just that.


  1. I don't know what your previous birth stories have been like but I hear each child is faster than the last? A friend of ours and his wife were told to go home when they went to the hospital ready to have their 3rd baby. They went home where the wife went to the bathroom and promptly gave birth to the baby with the hubby as the delivery boy! Everyone was fine but I sure do wish the wife had been able to get one of your coffee smoothies right away. She might have had to wait if she'd been admitted to the hospital. Can you imagine?
    Congrats on reaching the 3rd trimester with all its glory!

  2. Birks can be cute, you win.

    So the cracked feet...well, imma email you about it.

  3. Glad you got some cute and comfy sandals for those hard-working feet! . . . No air-conditioning, during a summertime3rd trimester? Ugh. You won my complete sympathy, empathy, respect, admiration etc. right there. :-)

  4. Loved it! Can totally relate. You remind me to be thankful I'm tall, because I do get out of some of those 3rd trimester annoyances (heart burn, rib kicks, etc)
    Lindsey S

  5. Oh, Ana, the crying and the sweating are the worst! Though at some point you can no longer tell which is which... You're so close, August is just around the corner!

  6. I laughed through this whole thing - ahhh the dreaded 3rd trimester… but ahhh the wonderfully close to meeting the baby 3rd trimester (with all the great things you included, too)!
    I'll have to come back to this if we're blessed enough to get pregnant with a 3rd (working on it ;))