Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes (not just the bad stuff!)

Joining Jen for some quick takes, because my blog is my 5th child.

1) First and foremost, I must thank all of you wonderful, more experienced and fabulously encouraging blog buddies for your prayers and words of advice and wisdom after last week's post. I've been keeping a lot of the advice in mind, if we're not already trying it for baby Joe. We do gripe water and gas drops and while I haven't tried out infant massage or an infant chiropractor yet, I just may be desperate enough to try them here soon. Do you know what I am not ever ever going to be desperate enough to try? Giving up coffee. If coffee is causing the gasiness, the gasiness shall continue.

Case in point.

2) The thing is that Joseph isn't actually "colicky" in the strictest sense, I have heard of cases where the baby screams and screams for hours every day and he doesn't do that. He just screams more than Lucy did and it is throwing my chi off. But at this moment Lucy is actually screaming bloody murder from her crib boycotting her nap (if you are less than 2 you have no say about whether or not you nap in this house, screaming or not) so she is making up fer her angelic babyhood now.

3) You know what I am THISCLOSE to giving up one for good? "Rest time". Believe me, please believe me, I hold so firmly to the ideal that everyone in the house NEEDS the down time. Not even just me and my teetering sanity, but the children need it to! I am the biggest nazi I know about it and yet, it is almost killing me to try to enforce it every day. Bernadette throws the traditional fit, complete with kicking and floor rolling and screaming, and Lucy has begun the above aforementioned crib wailing most days, Naomi constantly exits her "quiet space" asking for food and those 3 things combined with Josephs gassy screeches and I am really not sure if it makes the 20 minutes of quiet time I actually get worth it. I am worried that if I just drop it then I will shoot myself in the foot but I am not a fan of Ana's angry voice whilst trying to force the issue. Tips? Tricks? Mid Day Cocktail Recipes? I am all e-ears.

On to not crazy things...

4) This tea :
Have you tried it? You should. It is so, so good. If it had caffeine I would replace my daily coffee with it, but it doesn't so I won't. But what is does have is natural sweetness that makes it so that I don't need to add any honey or sugar and I still get a nice does of sweet with my tea. I love it so. (Thank you Sarah for the rec!)

5) Last weekend was a fun filled time and is going to leave this weekend trying to live up to it and failing in major ways. I got to visit with these lovely ladies and their babies:

And it was so, so fun. Lucky for me Katrina and Alexandra live super close and like the idea of making evening wine and cheese sans kids a frequent thing so I will certainly be the hostess with the mostest for that. Grace, on the other hand was a special treat to hang out with. She is a basically a celeb and is the most down to earth nice person and it was so great to get to hang out with her again almost one year to the day (so weird!) since we did it last. We'll make it annual and I will come to Florida, ok Grace? Ok.

6) Our favorite park ever was closed all summer, or at least all the places to park around it were closed and made it impossible to get to, but is it is all open again!! Bernadette declared it her "Second home" today and you can be sure that we will be heading there every day that it is not raining or snowing until the dreaded South Bend winter rears it ugly head in like, 3 weeks.

^ bangs, backwards slide climbing and same shirt different day
Guess what? Both Lucy and Bernadette fell asleep and Joseph is actually semi-content in his swing while I finish this. Maybe it is actually worth it...

7) Last but never least... our babysitter is back from summer break!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (silent screaching!!!). I had the most calm outing with just Joseph this morning and can look forward to more where that came from in the coming weeks. Praise be!


  1. No quiet time suggestions here, but I hope you are able to continue it if you need it as much as I do! And of course the kid who normally is a good sleeper has been playing in her crib for pretty much all of nap time. Ugh.
    I'm totally hitting you up next time I come through SB. Maybe it will be wine and cheese night??

  2. Solidarity in the lots of screaming happening at the moment. AHHH.

    And hey! Call me or email me before every time you come to Bernadette's home, and we will be riiiiight over.

  3. Yee haw, the babysitter's back!!!!!

  4. Ugh "quiet" time around here is kind of disastrous these days too - I sometimes have good luck letting the big kids play a board game in their room while the babies sleep, or listen to a book on CD. But today John Paul drew blood when he scratched Cecilia because he thought she was a droid, so clearly my strategy isn't perfect... But even those 20 minutes to sneak contraband items makes it worth the 30 fights I have to break up during!

  5. It's not so much separating them into rooms to have quiet time as it is just finding quiet activities for them to do while the little ones take a nap. Does that make sense?

  6. We too have mandatory quiet time for EVERYONE!! And that includes my school aged children during summer break. Their's of course looks much different, they have to go to a quiet spot and read for at least 30 min. The younger ones can be very difficult, but it's worth the work! we too just had another baby and I have found that sometimes I have rub an extra back or two for a few extra minutes and see if they'll fall asleep. But usually I close the door, walk away and punish if I see a little face reappear :) Good luck, it's worth it I promise!! Having K & 2nd graders understanding that they much have quiet time during the day will help them learn that silence is important!! And it makes us much nicer mommies :)

  7. DON'T GIVE UP never give up. (I think that's a moby song?) I have been through hell and back trying to schedule same quiet times/naps and it's terrible so terrible half the time and glorious so glorious the other half. I need it so much. I think you probably do too since you double my kid population. :) hang in there Ana!!

  8. You have to have the rest time! I suspect that I'll be sending my kids off to their rooms for quiet time until they are like ten! I'm not sure who needs it more, them or me!

  9. Ok, I don't have any first hand mom experience and advice about quiet time yet. My 2 year old still naps so it hasn't been an issue. But, I did do an hour long nap every day with my 4 year old preschoolers back in the day. We were in a small room with around 20 kids and I just had to be really strict about it. No talking, no playing, no reading. There were consequences for bad naptimes. I definitely felt like Cruella De Vil, but once the kids got used to it I'd say on average about 15 out of 20 of the suckers would sleep every day and the rest would be quiet the whole time. It can be done. These kids turned 5 during the course of the year and we did naptime the whole year. They needed it and they eventually learned how to settle themselves down. So I guess my advice is to be really strict or find a way to be strict without yelling or getting emotional about it? Again, this is just what worked for me professionally.I'm probably going to be facing the same problem at home here soon and I might eat my words.

  10. Well, I started paying my son to stay in bed all night. A whole quarter if he could do it. The first week or two he always asked for the quarter, which he saved up and bought Hot Wheels with. The next few weeks he stayed in bed and I'd give him a quarter if he asked for it. Can you give the girls something like 10 pennies? (If they're at the age to be impressed by 10 of something) I think you'd only need to pay out just long enough for it for it to become a habit. Now that they're a tad older, they do homework, 4 chores and a half hour of quiet time before any screen time, and that's become a habit. Good luck!