Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Big Four

4 years ago today I was sitting in a peaceful hotel hospital room, celebrating the birth of my second born baby girl and enjoying plates full of hospital deli sandwiches (my preferred meal to order after Bernadette's birth, is it weird that I remember that?) as I healed from an unexpected c-section and prepared to head home.

Today I am recovering from a cake and skittle overdose heretofore unknown to the likes of me, but signs of a great 4th birthday celebration.
Bernadette is one of the sweetest, funniest and most imaginative little girls I have ever met, and I have met a lot of little girls, and every year of her life get's more exciting.
Hightlights of the day:

- Donuts
- Gifts
- Balloons
- Colorful cake + candy and ice cream
- What more could you possibly need or want?

We shared our cake with a few of her little friends in the afternoon and even though we only invited one friend and her kids over, Bernadette kept referring to it as her "birthday party!!!". Set the bar low, you will not regret it, people.

Then we wrapped up the celebration of this miniature life milestone with a viewing of The Emperor's new Groove on Netflix Instant, which was a surprisingly lovely and funny movie. And since it had all sorts of life lessons about being a good person and what not, all our parenting duties were complete after the screen time. Mike read a recommendation about the movie here, and any tips from you lovely readers of some good Netflix kids movies for Lucy's birthday would be appreciated, we are really good parents and like to celebrate our kids lives by doing as little as possible. Sort of kidding.
The best part of the day was how over-the-top sweet and excited Bernadette was. Any time anyone told her "happy birthday" she would start to say it back and have to stop herself, there was just too much excitement and joy for her to not share. Love her and her little life.


  1. That cake is totally awesome. I love it. So much fun!

  2. Awesome balloon garland, Ana! That with the cake, I name you a Pinterest Goddess! God bless you, sweet Bernadette! How we love you, funny girl!

  3. This all looks sooo cute! What an awesome cake - I'm sure she loved it all!

  4. Sounds like the perfect birthday! And yes, setting the bar low is a very good idea!

  5. You're pretty much mom of the year with that cake. Happy birthday to Bernadette!

  6. I did tell you about the birthday gifts that I left in the guest room for her and Lucy? It likes she had a fabulous day.

  7. That cake looks great, Ana! Happy birthday to your girl. :)

  8. She's adorable! That cake is soo pretty! Yuuuum!

  9. Oh me oh my, i missed Joey's birth by two months! I've been away and finally got back on the blogging wagon and look what has happened! Congrats on your perfect little man, may he fill your hearts and home with joy and happiness. And please tell Mike that his "cervix with a smile" made my day!
    and a big HB to Princess Bernadette
    Liv x

  10. We LOVE Emperor's New Groove! I can't believe you've never seen that one. Another good one is Prince of Egypt - the story of Moses. Also Joseph, King of Dreams. Also, El Dorado (that might be a little old for Lucy, though). Of course, there are also all the Disney movies.