Friday, January 16, 2015

the most exciting quick takes ever (or not)

Joining Kelly for some quick takes, anything to stop the VLOG from being the first thing you see when you come here, I should have posted way earlier this week for that purpose. Sorry!

Things have been all excitement over here at the Hahn casa, let me fill you in. (When I say "excitement" I mean the "Johnny just had his first peepee on the potty!!", or "Mary just puked farther than any of our kids have ever puked! 3 whole feet!!" type of excitement, nothing genuinely exciting).

1) This is not actually "exciting" as much as it is "terrifying", but it's news and it's out of the ordinary for us, so I'll share. I took Lucy to a specialist earlier this week and the doctor took one look inside her mouth and exclaimed "oh wow, those tonsils have to come out now!". Anyone who knows Lucy can tell that something is a little off right away with her heavy duty mouth breathing, muffled voice and always congested nose. You know when she is coming into a room just from her breathing and her snoring is pretty impressive for a 2-year-old. I knew they would say we should do it some time soon, but I did not think I would have to schedule it ASAP, but I did, so a week from Tuesday little Lucy will have the first surgery of the Hahn children.

Regardless of the fact that it's outpatient, she has to go under, so I'm kind of freaking out. Plus, the recovery is 1-2 weeks- WEEKS- during which time I will likely be spiking all my cups of coffee with some form of liquor. Speak words of comfort to me, oh kind comforting friends!

2) On a much, MUCH brighter note, and one that is legit "Exciting":

The Tiny Sleep Tyrant Joseph did his first ever OVER 7 HOUR stretch of sleep last night. I am still wracking my brain to make sure I didn't sleep walk through a feeding because it seems so very absurd and entirely out of character for the boy who has woken me up no less than 2 times every night of his little life and most of the time more like 3-6 times. My body was in shock as it remembered it's long lost love, Sleep, but I coached it down to ensure it would not be expecting a repeat any time soon, I know better than to get my hopes up too high just yet.

3) Our family has now joined the ranks of bulk buyers with the purchase of our first ever Costco membership. On our first trip to the Fortress of Food we were enjoying a dinner of hot dogs and pizza when Noami asked me what it meant to be members there, to which I responded that "Costco owned our souls". I did not think anyone was listening, but a lady next to us obviously was and let out a hearty chuckle and I immediately let Naomi know I was only kidding- but was I? Seriously, that place sucks you in like a black hole, only it's a black hole with the promise of samples every aisle. I took all 4 kids the other day and got no less than 2 "wow, look at you and all those kids" remarks from various onlookers, and I honestly didn't blame them because it was hotter and messier than any grocery trip heretofore attempted. But there were hot dogs and pizza at the end so all was well.

Let's see, what else?

4) Now that he's almost 6 months, how about some 5 month pictures of J Man?

5) I am most definitely bringing back the Cabin Fever Creativity Link-Up soon, soon, soon. I am just trying to figure out what to do with this old lady thrifted plaid skirt that I have to post with the link-up. Any plaid skirt recommendations? I picked Pinterest's brain the other day and found a few cute ones, this one and this one were my favs, and both happen to be from the same source.

6) I am reading Little House with the girls for the first time and am a little ashamed to admit that it is my first time reading them ever as well as the girls. I never claimed to be anything but not smart, but should I really be schooling them myself? That's a question I ask all too frequently. Like after I was thisclose to using the example of labor contractions to explain literary contractions to Naomi, who still has no idea how babies are actually born- I would say both sides of the explanation would have been a tad confusing.

7) My parents are coming tonight! Which makes the fact that I just wrote these instead of vacuuming or chipping play dough off the many surfaces of my kitchen or being anything close to resembling productive even more ridiculous. Long live the blog!!


  1. YAY you did it! Costcooooo. And poor Lucy - you spike that coffee for sure and give her mucho popsicles - I guess you can buy tons at Costco, right?

    SO GLAD Joseph slept for so long!

  2. excited for the Cabin Fever Creativity link-up! And prayers for you and Lucy. Tonsils out means lots of ice cream, though, right?

  3. Best description of Costco EVER! I tried to avoid it as long as I could, but it is inescapable.
    I am always tempted to go to labor contractions when I have to explain grammar. Al.Ways.

  4. Oh goodness, poor Lucy! And poor you guys! I had my tonsils out in 7th or 8th grade and it hurt a TON and I can't imagine a poor 2-year-old having to deal with that pain (and you guys having to deal with the inevitable grumpiness)... Maybe test her out on soft foods she loves right now so that you have your go-tos all lined up once she has the surgery? I ate a lot of jello and popsicles, but that's gonna get seriously messy with a 2yo! Hopefully it's really good for her health though - it made a HUGE difference for me.

  5. My youngest had his tonsils out a couple years ago. A couple things - first, she will probably bounce back pretty quickly, given that she's two. It is painful, but way less the younger you are. Second - if they give you pain meds for her and tell you to give them every 4 hours - DO IT. I had the nurse tell me to actually set an alarm and wake him up the first two or three days to give the meds, which I did. HUGE in the "make them comfortable" department. He never had a chance to get really sore, which helped him to start eating and drinking faster and recover faster, because he could sleep well from the beginning. I never allowed it to wear completely off, so pain management is key. The two week "recovery" is more about not letting them be super active, rather than them being in pain and on the couch. He was mostly back to normal the first week - just no sports or crazy running around activities until the two week mark. And Costco is the best. Especially with a big family.