Monday, March 30, 2015

Out with the old...

camera, not baby.

A couple of weeks ago I took this lady's advice and started scouring Craig's list for a new camera, hopefully of the Canon variety, as a partial birthday gift from my in-laws and partial birthday gift to myself or from Mike. While I hoped real hard that I would find something less than $500, even though they were used, all the Canons were running in the $700 range and I was just starting to get discouraged and give up when I found a listing for a fabulous Canon, with 2 great lenses and lots of other extras for substantially less than $500.

The only downside was that it was located outside of Chicago and almost 3 hours away from us and I was not about to make that trek with all 4 for a camera. But then the guy offered to ship it and I was thisclose to making the purchase via paypal when I realized I was likely walking into a scam, so I started to back out of the puchase when the man surprised me greatly and offered to meet me really close to South Bend the last weekend of March when he would be driving through on his way to see family.

I waited for the 2 weeks assuming that he was going to back out or be some really crazy weird creepo but then he emailed me a couple days before the planned meeting date acting all legit and professional and still had the camera for me to buy!!!! Still holding my breath I drove to our selected VERY PUBLIC meeting place where I prepared myself to be met by a giant red pickup and a guy holding a flip phone that happened to have a camera function on it.

But no! The guy came and he was super nice and sold me his wonderful camera for a major deal and I after gramming embarrassing car selfies with it, I have barely been able to stop photographing everything in our house all weekend. See exhibits a, b and c:

I did take some pictures of actual happenings during our weekend, the most important of which I failed to capture with the new camera, and am shamelessly stealing from my sistas insta:

Because she and her sweet family stopped to visit us on their way back to the Ville and it was definitely the highlight of the weekend.

After they departed I got back to being obsessed with the new camera and commenced a photo sesh with Joseph to test the new machine:

Then Lucy joined us:

And then we all had a tea party:

And I will give you a break now because I am sure you have better things to do than peruse my new pictorals and I am sure I will overloading every blog post for a while with some new, crisp photos because it's been a grainy blurry mess of pictures for far too long.

Have yourself a very blessed Holy Week, and pray for this mom who is foolishly about to load them all up for some daily Mass action. One more for the road because I am excited and so, so lame.


  1. fun! i just got a new camera also and it is amazing the difference in quality from the iphone pictures. enjoy it and i hope mass goes well. you are brave!

  2. So fun! I can’t wait to see all your new pictures ;)
    On another, unrelated note, I see you mentioned you have tea parties. What kind of tea do you serve your kids? I have been wanting to do this...but am stuck with what they can or can’t have. Silly question, I know.

  3. That is awesome!!! What a fun Craig's List story. And the pictures are beautiful! I love seeing pictures of my favorite bloggers in their natural habitats ... :-)
    And my daughter (5 years old, third after two boys) recently began hosting tea parties - it's a new experience for me because I never did that as a child and I wonder why because they are SO much fun! "Pinkies up!" We just drink air, though...

  4. That's super cool that you were able to find a good deal on a camera like that! Love the picture of baby feet.

  5. Not! Lame! New cameras are the best! :)

  6. So awesome Ana!! We saved up and bought a Canon right before the girls were born and I haven't looked back!

  7. Congratulations - you'll love it! Canon has seen me through from shutter-happy nine year old to photography major/professional, and I've never been disappointed. Next time you want to splurge, look into getting an f/1.4 50mm lens or an external flash. Unless, of course, those were included in your great deal, in which case I'm super jealous.

  8. I really want a nice camera too; maybe I should try craigslist! I understand your wariness about CLcreepers... I'm the same way. Yay for public place meetings. The pictures are amazing. Love them legs sticking out of that diaper! <3 My son is in size 3 up & ups too. LOVE!