Sunday, March 15, 2015

SAHM gone wild

Maybe it's the sun and tropical 40 and 50 degree weather we're having, or maybe it's that Mike never travels so when he does this get weird, but this weekend was a real test as to whether I can really hold my own as the mama bear without the aid of her ever loving male counterpart.

Day one went a little something like, a little something like this:

Mike departed Friday evening and naturally all the kids' little "mom is doing this ALL ALONE" radars started beeping loudly around 2 in the form of Joseph and his never satiated need to nurse, but that's ok because he's a baby and I want him to stay one forever.

However there was no excuse at all for Lucy and Bernadette both getting up and excreting various bodily fluids and keeping me up for a solid 2 hours only to be exiled to the couch to sleep the rest of the night while Lucy took over my room.

Either way, they knew, but I was not about to let that ruin the next day.

Behold my wild motherly escapades, which I never would have done on a normal weekend, but which were made possible due to the huge burst of adrenaline at the thought that I HAD to conquer this weekend just to prove that I could.

First, a morning trip out to breakfast at a local quaint dive:

After which I actually got compliments about how well be have my kids were. (CUE SILENT SCREAM). I was amazed.

Mike had the idea recently when I went out for the day to make a daily list to follow so that if the girls start to demand lots of other stuff you can just hearken back to the list, which was hallowed in their minds once it's on the chalk board. And it worked!

They cleaned- because it was on the list. They colored- because it was on the list. They watched a movie that was perhaps a little above their age level (think overly graphic historical cartoonage of a man being tared and feathered, they were only a little scared)- because it was on the list. We did not get to the zoo thanks to Joseph's weird napping, and because it was on the list, it took some serious bribery of other activities to talk them down, they have no respect for the question mark.

I offered a consolation prize of the dollar store after I made them trek through the fabric store to grab some fabric to try my hand at one of these, and all was well.

Then they watched another movie, which is likely the explanation as to why the day went so well -- thank you brain numbing screen time!-- and I made these cookies which are absolutely the very BEST EVER chocolate chip cookies in the entire world.

I retract the other recipe that I posted last year entirely, these win EVERY SINGLE TIME. I would not use so many capital letters if I wasn't very serious about this. Then I decided that I would do the unthinkable and catch up on laundry, bake cinnamon rolls (no at all unthinkable), and sew after the girls went down, which was more productivity than I need in my life so I think I will just take the next week off.

So the first day was too good, and now it's Sunday and I am done thanks to more of Lucy's shenanigans for several hours last night and now she is in her crib protesting naps with cries that "it's just NOT fair!!" and I am mourning the fact that I didn't make a preemptive purchase of some liquor yesterday because now it's Sunday and I can't.

Come back soon, dear husband. Come back soon.


  1. I was reminded a few wks back when the 5 McCann girls stayed over night, just how all consuming the 'grazing' is w/young children. I eventually prepared several paper plates of 'snacks' (cut apples, cheese, nuts, etc) and placed times on them for every hour and an half so that I felt like I could get SOMETHING done in between their declaration, 'Grammy, I'm hungry'. The older ones would letter the younger ones know how long they had to wait for the next snack. It's amazing when it's written down, the difference it makes.

  2. Indiana laws never stopped my husband or his friends from finding liquor on Sunday in South Bend--maybe the girls want to take a nice drive across the border?

  3. My husband was gone this weekend too. HE came back with a pierced nipple. He lost a bet. It's temporary.

    I love that list idea, and I think I may steal it to use every day for the rest of my mothering days!

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  5. Seriously amazing! I am so stealing the chalkboard idea (although I doubt my kids will respect the question mark and the cookies too!! U don't know me at all, (1st comment ever) but I'm a SAHM w/3 under 3, and I just feel i HAVE to thank u for keepin it real but showing how its done with grace and a sense of humor. :)

  6. Well done, Mama Ana. Baby Joe sure is a cutie patootie. My kids (4 year old twin boys) watch more than 1 movie a day when both parents are home, so you are doing perfect in my book :)

  7. My husband travels too. I just get into survival mode and wing it as best I can!

  8. I am super impressed!!! Andrew had an interview at some point and I was on the verge of breaking!!!!

  9. I am super impressed!!! Andrew had an interview at some point and I was on the verge of breaking!!!!

  10. Um, what? You got all that done in one day? You're my hero and inspiration to get through this week while Joe is working out of town (only one overnight, though!). I was going to bake those cookies since I have to do some for Grace's school this week, but I think if they're that good I'll be selfish and make them another time to keep at home, postpartum belly be damned.

  11. Ha! Love how the list became one of those "now we MUST do this" type of lists for the girls. :) Seems like it was a good day, though!!

  12. You need my cell phone number. For Sunday's. When your husband is gone. And I have liquor and am pregnant. ;)