Friday, May 29, 2015

7 QT {new home school curriculum + vacation fun!}

Linking up with Kelly for some vacation quick takes from our ever-so-tropical destination of Steubenville, OH, because you know us Hahns and our adventuresome ways.

1st things first:

Did you guys know that Little Einsteins is on Netflix streaming? I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team, so I know I include them in posts every once and a while, but seriously, even if I wasn't I would be shouting from the rooftops about how excited I am about this.

Not just because it's a fun show that my kids like, but it is basically the extent of their cultural education, so it does double duty in giving me a few minutes to breath and making me feel like I have  done my part in the home schooling department for the day. Do you think a college would frown at a transcript that read:

Primary Education: Disney Juniors Little Einsteins (grades K-8)
(I sure hope not or we are SOL)

2: Not to give too much unnecessary attention to Little E's, but it is currently saving my life here in the Ville. This is vacation for me and the girls, we are just chilaxing and living large over at my parents but Mike on the other hand is keeping his nose to the old grindstone and work work working in his parent's library (because when you grow up with a library in your house you work on vacation).

The great chasm between our intellectual statuses is experienced quite keenly while I sip my iced coffee and listen to Quincy sing Vivaldi. Oh well.

3: The girls are loving getting to be with cousins and I got to drink wine until ten-flippin-thirty with my sisters last night: this is my ideal vacation.

4: Yesterday Mike and I had the best day (one of the best I've ever had) driving up to State College with just one child (the quiet male), to visit his grandmother and it was just amazing. I could do it a thousand more times.

5: Today we took a trip to my beloved Alma mater where I managed to snap 1 mediocre photo

6: Then we crashed my sister's adorable pad where her sweet little boy ran circles around Joseph and showed him how mobile a 10-month-old can be. Joseph just clapped for him and kept sitting in one place.

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  1. Joseph is the cutest, and he is totally Wright-family speed. I love sedentary babies. A big fat old YASSSSS on Little E's. Is it embarrassing that I'm married to a pro musician and they are teaching me a lot? And finally, so glad you're having a great trip!! You so deserve it!

  2. I have a very excited toddler over Little Einstein's on Netflix :)

  3. I can't get over how adorable your new haircut is!!

  4. I can't get over how adorable your new haircut is!!

  5. Wine til 10:30. Yes! Your comments always make me chuckle. And... of course Little Einsteins counts as a "real" education! Didn't they recently find that you learn as much watching Sesame Street as you would in preschool? Nothing we didn't already know intuitively, of course.