Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Lovin {a link-up!}

I know I am the least original person ever, but summer is leaving me a little at a loss for blogging content, I blame the sun. We're already back from our lone summer vacation and I am looking ahead with wonder and awe that there are 3 more months until I have a legit 1st grader and kindergartener. 3 whole months! What to do, what to do!?

For me a summer following one where I am growing a person is always a little uneventful, which is a good thing and a bad thing. I love baby preparations, I love growing babies, but it is a tad high stress and I am really enjoying this summer's lazy feel, however, I am also trying to fill the daily schedules with things here and there so they don't feel too lazy.

Without further ado, here are all things you didn't know you had no interest in knowing about us and our summer. AND for kicks, if you're also at a loss for blogging content, know that I am morbidly interested in you and what you're doing, and I would love for you to write up a post a link it up! Or if you're bloggless (the horror!) leave some deats in the combox- it's sure to be tons-o-fun for all!

Wearing // My typical linen shorts + tee shirt combo, peppered with my new favorite accessory and these adorable numbers from Acute Designs, which I won from Anna's super generous giveaway.

Eating // Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Cherries, strawberries, grapes- all the fruit.

Also pasta salad.

Drinking // Still this, always and forever

Doing // The occasional Fitness Blender workout. Thank you to everyone who recommended them to me, I am completely sold.

Preparing for // The girls' first dance class. Bernadette actually already had her first class the other day and I was the worst mother ever and she was utterly unprepared with no tutu or ballet shoes (and all the ballet moms gasp!). I am in the process of remedying this and actually getting what needs to be gotten for Naomi's first class on Thursday so as to not embarrass more children. I am such a rookie.

Reading // Anna Karenina for my Well Read Mom book group. I have been a bit of a slacker and only read a fraction of the books, but I am all in with this one- it is so unexpectedly good!

Listening // To Anna Karenina. It is sooooo long, and read/listening is the only way to make anything close to a dent in it.

Watching // In realm of TV: Silicon Valley, one of the funniest shows, I am a huge fan (content warning though!). In the realm of children: Joseph tryyyyyyying so hard to crawl- you can do it lil brudder!

Creating // my revamped school room in my head. I have all sorts of plans to spray paint a table and cut the legs down and find new awesome chairs at yard sales and I am sure that if Mike was a betting man he would put all sorts of odds on being asked to do most of it for me this summer (winking emoji, Mike!)

Growing // The most pathetic little garden in Indiana. I have high hopes for my zucchini plant, which is looking like it is going to come alive and eat all of the other plants in the garden, and with my fancy new fence (erected by Mike, because I am what the French call Les Incompetent) I am really hoping the rabbits will stay away and not eat all the buds.

Going // To farm camp next week! 3 hours each morning with only 2 babes, I love you, summer.

Loving // Nursing. I don't claim to be anywhere near "Crunchy" in any way or about anything, but I have to say that if I didn't love my solo sleeping in my bed with ONLY a husband at night I could see myself being one of the co-sleeping, long-time nursing mom types, I just love nursing SO much! It's my one way to keep Joseph seeming more like a baby, because I am in denial that he will be 1 next month.

And that's all I have for you. Be sure to link up back here if you do anything even close to an informational summer post- it counts, really anything counts! I just want to hear all about all of your summers, which I can guarantee are probably way more exciting than yours truly.


  1. Silicon Valley is the best!!!! Chris and I are loving it.

  2. We're all still in school until the end of June around here, so we've just started plotting our summer. Anna Karenina is on my to-read list...but I'm intimidated by it! Thanks for sharing your most excellent list :)

  3. Are you at Southold Ballet? Best place to buy ballet stuff online is
    Mia just "retired" last year, she started when she was 3. If you want insiders info let me know. Charlotte might be doing the Nutcracker in the fall.

    1. We are just over at the Battell center- they offer free classes, which are not any where near the caliber of Southold, but the girls are none the wiser :) I would love for them to do legit lessons some day, that is so awesome Charlotte might get to do the Nutcracker, we love watching Sothold perform it!

  4. I need to find a farm camp in NJ!

  5. Reading Anna Karenina (for well read mom in CO) and completely loving it....more than I thought I would!

    What I don't love? nursing!!!! My baby is 9 1/2 months and I dream of the soonest possible moment I can wean him....I know...its terrible but the truth. It has gotten better with each baby (we are on three currently) but still my least favorite part of having a baby. But I will survive and God has worked good things in me this time with this baby so I suppose His plan is working!

  6. what? 1 already???? time really flies...

  7. I'm the newbie overachiever who already linked up 😂😂 haha. Don't let the desperation to join you fine ladies scare you off.

  8. Ohhhh....Love this! And how have I not heard about the Well Read Mom group?! Also, please, please update on the school room!!!!! I love seeing people's school spaces!

  9. AK is SO good-- I, too, "read" it by listening to hours and hours of CD on my commute! It was so great. And I totally know what you mean-- I still love nursing my 11 month old even though she's huge and walking and generally acting like a not-baby (sob!).

  10. so glad you love your necklaces! xoxo