Tuesday, May 19, 2015

cooling the hotness of the mess {Minimize the Mess Review}

I am going to say that the majority of what stresses me out in the day-to-day of wife-and-motherhood is caring for my home. I am not a lover of cleaning, especially not deep cleaning, and I prefer to ignore disorganized areas rather than to tend to them.

That said, I am not actually laid back enough by nature to just ignore messes and disorganization, especially not since becoming a stay-at-HOME-mom, who STAYS-at-home, all day every day. The places that are cluttered mock me when I pass them and the piles of laundry jeer as I sit at my computer blogging about being overwhelmed rather than DOING something about it. (in all fairness, I am currently writing from the confines of a hotel room so there is no laundry jeering here)

But! Little does my laundry pile know that I am not always wasting time, and some of what I am staring at on the screen is actually productive with regards to the messes around here.

That's right, thanks to this ebook written by the lovely Rachel of Efficient Mama, I have as of late found more motivation and encouragement in the department of home organization and management.

Minimize the Mess is priced at only $2.99(!) and is a fabulous compact and concise book for anyone who feels like they are swimming in messes, but also anyone who just needs a little nudge in the organizational direction. It walks you through the steps to take to really simplify your life and live with less, and to live with the stuff that you actually use. 

I will likely never attempt any of the trending "capsule wardrobes", but the act of sorting and allotting piles of little girls clothing to give away fills me with a joy matched only by the task of shoving countless papers, which contained one little scribble and are now considered unusable by the resident artists into the trash:

I can be a real jerk when going through their "artwork". I keep some things. Some.

I learned recently of the beauty of the local thrift store home pick-up, and so I purged and purged until I could see the bottoms of clothing drawers and art containers and it was the best feeling ever.

Seriously Rachel's book is so good and worth every penny (and not too many pennies!). Your heart will feel more peace about the state of your home and your husband will probably wonder how the outdoor trashcan filled up so fast, and it will all be so good.

Check out Rachel and her wonderful book and use the code launch for 25% off through this Friday the 22nd. Then go check out all the other bloggers doing reviews- your home will thank you, even if your children don't.

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  1. lol! That laundry face! It does have a way of mocking you...