Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 Classic Favorites for Kids on Netflix {#StreamTeam}

Another Netflix post! I know, we need to lay off the television over here, but it is summer and there have been so many thunderstorms in our neck of the woods and what the heck is a mother to do with 4 kids alllllllll day?!

You can only have so many tea parties.

I know I have gone on and on and on about Leo, Quincy, Annie and June, and Lucy had her way with Netflix after her surgery, but there are a few shows that I think deserve honorable mention because they are classics and I actually feel good about letting my kids watch them (in a way). They're not too overly stimulating and they are sweet and well, I like old things.

I am specifying the primary story that I like to let my kids watch because some of these older cartoons are a little bit intense, for instance this collection contains the story of Chicken Little and Foxy Loxy, where the fox eats ALL the chickens in the end and it is just a little bit morbid (although apparently not morbid enough since I have let the girls watch it countless times, but you've been forewarned). These are nice because they are about 7-10 minutes a piece, so if you're looking for a short spurt of breathing time to throw some laundry in or take a speedy shower, they are perfect for that and they are all classic fairy tale stories, which I really like.

Again, I am specifying the one story in the collection that I like the best, this collection has a lot that are... weird, but I love the Mickey spin on Jack and the Beanstalk. This is a serious favorite in our house, and the Mickey and the Beanstalk story is only 25 minutes long, so your mom guilt won't be too crushing.

I love old school Mickey Mouse stuff, or really anything old school. I start to twitch when I see the new Mickey Mouse stuff-- over stimulating to the MAX. Not that I won't let my kids watch it when we're elsewhere, I am not that crazy, but when it comes to what I will put on in my own house for them, I am a little bit snobby and only the older stuff will do.

Say what you will about Walt Disney and his rendition of AA Milne's classic stories, but what I have to say is that they are good enough. I am not at all a fan of any Winnie the Pooh movies that have come after the Many Adventures, but I think that the cartoons that Disney did in this movie are wonderful. I think they are sweet and funny and not annoying at all, which is the most important thing as the parent listening in the background.

"Faint hearts never won fair ladies" -Robin Hood (and probably stolen from somewhere else), but still, any movie that has the main character saying stuff like that, I am A-OK with my kids watching. This was also one of my favorites when I was little, so there is just a ton of nostalgia wrapped up in my love for this movie.

And that's all I have for you today, and now you've got some gems to add to your kids' summer watch list, so you can hide on the porch and drink a cup of coffee, not that I have ever done that ;)


  1. My 2 year old son loves that Winnie the Pooh movie! He has actually become more interested in the original stories because of it, which is impressive considering how wordy they are.

  2. Yes the original Winnie the Pooh is actually closely resembling the book. And we love all those classics you mentioned for the very same reasons. We own the animated Robin Hood classic and it was a childhood favorite of both mine and my husbands.

  3. Great ideas! I would be very curious to hear from you in a few years if Joseph has a brother & how they do with Robin Hood :) We had to pull Robin Hood. I love it and I grew up on it, but we have very rambunctious 4.5 year old identical twin boys and there was too much wildness & rough housing or pretend play with nooses & hanging and/or bows & arrows after they'd watch Robin Hood. Or running over furniture trying to imitate the rhino stampede after the archery contest. I suspect your girls don't do this? :) My kids have this sixth sense to focus on anything slightly violent in a movie and cling to it and act it out...so we really have to monitor what they watch & only select shows that are totally benign, like Winnie the Pooh, Kipper, Peppa, Curious George (though they are starting to outgrow him (sniff, I love him)), Nemo...they like Toy Story, but Woody calls Buzz an idiot once or twice and now my kids repeat that, so I try to limit their Toy Story intake. We also had to pull 101 Dalmatians for the same reason (every other line for Cruella is, "Shut you, you idiots!")...not to mention skinning dalmatian puppies?! The story line goes over my kids' heads for now, but talk about morbid ;-/