Friday, September 25, 2015

5 Favorite Funny Shows on Netflix {#StreamTeam}

After a few of my "favorite Netflix shows" posts, I got lots of great recommendations for some other shows worth watching on Netflix, and since I had watched many of them and agreed so wholeheartedly about how worth watching they were, I am dedicated a whole post just to them. I have hit you with so many show recommendations it's not even funny, but you know what IS funny? These shows. I do not stand by all of the content of in them, and each has its fair share of inappropriate jokes and blase attitude towards sexuality, so knowing that, it's up to you whether to give them a go. You can pick and choose which episodes to keep watching, but I do promise some hearty laughter for each one, so without further ado, cue snazzy picmonkey collage:

Scrubs: Mike and I made our way through this entire series a couple years ago, and even though it was Mike's second time watching it-- he still laughed heartily through most of it. All of the characters are great and while I often questioned whether it would be that fun to be a resident in a hospital, it was fun to think that it would be.

Friends: I never consistently watched this in the 90s and early aughts, and when I did I was only a fan of Chandler, Rachel and Monica. However, watching it as an adult my entire perspective is different and I say Phoebe and Joey forever and ever, so many heart emojis. Their two characters bring me to audible laughter state almost every episode-- they even get Mike to break down and he is much harder to get a chuckle from. If you don't watch it for any other reason, watch it for Phoebe and Joey.

Parks and Recreation: I have to confess that much like my love for the first 3 seasons of The Office, I do very much prefer the first 3 seasons of Parks and Rec to the later ones. I get a little annoyed with Lesley when she's running for City Council and pretty much couldn't Ann's whole pregnancy thing, so once I got to that point I just stopped watching. But yes yes YES to the first 3-4 seasons. Andy got me belly laughing almost every episode.

30 Rock: Again with the earlier seasons being the better seasons (I think it's probably just the case that most shows should just quit while they're ahead) but the early seasons of this show are seriously hysterical. Werewolf bar mitzvah? Anything Tracy Morgan says or does? So stinking funny, definitely watch for laughs.

Gilmore Girls: I have to admit that I haven't made my way through it all on Netflix, but I did watch it with my sister back before Netflix came into my world and it's definitely on my to-watch-again-on-Netflix list. It is so witty and clever, funny and just plain fun. Great characters, great writing, great show.

Ok, I promise this is my last show-list, I obviously need to get a life. But since you know I'm not about to, hit me up with more of yours!


  1. I pretty much agree with you on all of these! Only thing I'd add is the first 3 seasons of Arrested Development, (that is, since you already mentioned The Office ;)). We should totally hang out in real life, if only to watch these shows.

    And drink wine, obvs.

  2. Have you heard fo Last Man Standing? It's a 20 minute sitcom (which can go a long way for time-constrained mamas) and maybe not slap your knee funny but cute enough to hold my attention and reminiscent of ABC's TGIF lineup from the 90s. I started watching this weekend and made it through 8 episodes in the span of a few hours. Given the show is still in production 5 seasons later, I figure it must have some merit to it?