Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekends are for...

I am currently drinking a giant Guinness glass full of coffee, which has a grounds to liquid coffee ratio of about 25% to 75%, but I do not even care a little because this morning went a little something like this:

6:13- get up to nurse the not-baby, lay him back down, and stay up to drink coffee and "pray" (also known as mumble a few things to Our Lord about how tired I am and it's all for him and hope that it counts as my prayer for the day)

6:30- Do what needs to be done to get dressed and fully ready for the day so that the minions don't crush me first thing. Makeup and hair are a must, I don't know why but I feel like they just can't get me down when those things are done.

7:00- Head downstairs and get Naomi started on some Map work that she's been begging to do, and since I am a real all-star home schooling mother, haven't allowed her to do yet.

7:30- Bernadette comes down and wants a worksheet, get her one and help her with it.

7:45- First round of breakfast for the 3 girls

8:00- Breakfast is done, choose a virtue for the day and a weather card and write out our schedule. Neurosis is Naomi's middle name.

8:15- Joe is up, send the girls downstairs and round 2 of breakfast with Joe while Lucy begs me to read the Cat and the Hat.

8:20- Compromise with Lucy and read her and Joe Go Dog Go while I finish feeding him.

8:30- 11:30- Enter into a vortex of school time in our basement school room, during which time I broke up multiple fights, (one of which saw a book being chucked at one sisters face by another sister), cleaned up one accident, extracted multiple pieces of chalk from the baby's mouth, and did actually succeed in getting to almost every subject we set out to do.

12:00- Leave for daily Mass

12:50- Home for lunch

1:30- Nap time for the babies and rest time for the girls (or scream in crib until he succumbs to the sleep he so vigorously fights for Joseph. And come out asking to not nap 50 times for Lucy while mom sips her giant coffee and blogs out her day time). Glorious, glorious nap time

But this is what Monday's are for.

Mondays are for running at the week like a defensive lineman, ready tackle anything that happens, pretending that you are way more awesome and capable than you really are (ok, I only speak for myself here) and feel like you're going to pass out by noon. It feels surprisingly awesome to get to this point in the day and just breath.

Once upon a time I used to think weekends were lame, they just bled back into the next week and there wasn't much to look forward to. With a student husband who has almost always worked on Saturdays, I have always done the same amount of work during the weekend as I do during the week.

That is until now. There is no scheduled school time on Saturday, and I do all that I can to create a little distance from the girls and have some down time myself so I can handle the intense face time I am staring down for the rest of the week. I almost always allow a long movie watch on Saturdays, and this Saturday was even better because Mike took the girls to their first Notre Dame game... me multiple hours of laid back toddler/baby time. Also, we had Saturday thrifting time after confessions where we scored BOTH of the above pictured Notre Dame shirts for the girls to wear to the afternoon game, and the skies parted and the angels sang out. Too much? Sorry.

Oh! And our week of sleep training Joseph paid off in the form of him sleeping through the night multiple nights over the weekend and I think it is safe to say that I am officially DONE nursing him during the night. I thought I didn't have it in me, but it turns out if you get a woman tired enough she just doesn't care about hearing the baby scream anymore. So now he sleeps and I feel like I can imagine life again.

In summation: Mondays are for crazy and weekends are for crazy plus some extra rest so that a mother can come at another week with her game face on (can you tell I'm watching copious NFL with Mike?). And rest time is for 1 hour of semi-quiet with blogging and giant cups of coffee before we commence second half-of-the-day crazy.

Here we go.


  1. YAY! I'm so happy they went to their first game!! I need details. Also you are a rockstar.

  2. How did the girls do at the game? We haven't put in for tickets in years and my husband desperately wants to get back to campus, I'm not convinced it would be worth it to actually attempt to take any children into the actual game though. He mostly wants to walk around, tailgate and eat steak sandwiches and then maybe find a less intense place to watch the actual game where you're aloud to sit down if you get tired :)

  3. Congrats on a slightly better sleeping baby!!!

  4. So many things-- First, thank you. Thank you for sharing this honest account of life as a homeschooler. Seriously. It is SO hard! Second, my mornings, too, are a mad scramble to get myself ready (I also need makeup and a hairdo to feel human) and to feed all the hungry mouths. Third, I was just nodding, nodding, nodding the whole time I read the post. Especially about the school time vortex. How does three hours pass so quickly, and yet so painfully?
    ...And breaking up fights during school? It's just the worst! I'm like, "Guys! I'm trying to be all enlightened and positive and energetic over here and your killing my vibe. GET OFF YOUR BROTHER! GIVE HIM BACK HIS PENCIL! STOP COPYING HIM!" I'm likely going to lose my mind one of these days!
    Love all the football references. I too watch too much thanks to the husband, and love the idea of attacking Monday like a defensive lineman. Bring it on!

  5. Love that they had to wear pink bottoms with their Notre Dame shirts for the game :) And super impressed that your daily schedule doesn't include any tv time, like mine oh so definitely does!