Saturday, October 3, 2015

O-Town, Birthdays, and a Blog Series {7 Quick Takes!}

Joining Kelly for the kick off of her fabulous Link-tober fest! And only one day late, holla!

1) Question: are you ever at the grocery store just trying your best to be timely and grab your groceries in time to pick up your kids from catechesis when an old school O-Town song comes on and you simply cannot focus on your groceries anymore, but can only stand there and imagine yourself throwing your cart over and busting out with an all-out karaoke concert right there next to the frozen veggies? It took me roughly 4.5 minutes to remember that I needed frozen peas because I was whisper-karaoke-ing this song and day dreaming about my own frozen-food aisle performance:

2:  Yeah that one was a doozie. Also it's kind of awful that is followed by the fact that my second born's 5th birthday is TODAY. Thus is the life of the second born.

3: I threw her a tiny (very tiny) birthday tea party yesterday and resolved to only shop in the Target dollar aisle for party paraphernalia. I literally only bought 1 thing-- the head band party favors. Everything else was already owned, and I would like to think you couldn't tell, but you totally could. I used our dress up dresses and various table cloths we've accrued throughout the years as party decor.

The nice thing about never planning pinterest perfect parties for your kids, and I mean never in my life, is that they have virtually NO expectations and are excited about any and everything. And they truly were.

4: Have I ever told you that I am slightly neurotic about having a clean kitchen? When I was about 11 years old I started independently cleaning the kitchen for my mother any evening that she had a commitment and couldn't clean it after dinner. I would go all super-bust-out-mode and try harder than anything to get it spotless before she came home because I loved how happy is made her. This also meant that my mothers parents loved me best of all until I was grown and out of the house and not cleaning the kitchen for her anymore (my siblings might not admit to this, but I know its the truth).

5: Anyways, this neurosis has bled over to my domestic life as a wife and mother and is sometimes good, but mostly bad because if the kitchen is a mess I am not at peace. And the kitchen is pretty much always a mess, therefore I am on a constant quest to find peace either by a) ignoring the kitchen or b) frantically attempting to keep it looking perfect throughout the day, resulting mostly in my yelling and freaking out that none of the small people around here are helping me on my quest. Where am I going with this? I'm not sure but I think it had something to do with why I don't throw parties any bigger than a small play date for my kids because the thought of that many dishes gets me gasping for air and/or rocking back and fourth in a corner.

6: Are you a mom of young children just beginning to home school and feeling a tad like you have no clue what-so-ever what you're doing? Have you ever wished that a blogger would just gather a group of really experienced mothers who have schooled at home for many years successfully and ask them lots of questions and post it all on her blog? You are in luck, because coming soon:

Don't miss it.

I'll make sure you don't miss it.

7: I've been searching my archives for an earlier Quick Takes post than the one I'm finding for my First Quick Takes Ever to answer Kelly's weekly questions, in the desperate hope that I could find a less lame post to link to, but who I am kidding, they never got less lame.

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  1. I'm holding my breath for the blog series!!! Sounds awesome Ana

  2. I like that bowl of apples. Suggests both teaching and a loving, fruit eating home ;)

  3. Great, now I'm going to be singing O-Town all night!! #TeamAshley

  4. I am one of those mothers just beginning to homeschool and wondering if I know what I'm doing, so yes...that would be lovely! Looking forward to it. And I love, love, love a perfectly clean kitchen. I have a nightly routine of cleaning the sinks, stovetop, counters, table, etc. while my husband entertains the kiddos, and it doesn't take that long but it's just enough to really power through it and get it clean. I can't stand waking up in the morning to a dirty kitchen! So I feel ya.

  5. Ana: The tea party looked FABULOUS-seriously!! You did a stupendous job and the girls looked like they had a terrific time. Kudos to you and Happy Birthday to Bernadette.

  6. This is a really odd question but I always wonder when people post photos of thier parties do you like ask all the parents how they feel about having the photos posted? I mean I am sure you ask somehow but I am pretty low-key about telling people I blog so I just wondered if you tell people that then or if you just do it for people who already know about the blog...sorry silly question...

  7. I'm totally the same about the kitchen. As Auntie Leila says, "Don't start cleaning in your kitchen--you're liable never to leave and clean other parts of your home!" So true.

  8. Yay! Thanks for linking up!
    I prefer to shop late at night so when I'm loudly singing along to John Mayer in the pickle aisle, it ain't no big deal. And little girls always love simple tea parties. Addie had one when she was six; we had just moved in and there was literally no seating accept around the table (we needed to buy a sofa) and her and her friends still had a great time.