Tuesday, December 8, 2015

in lieu of a card

I know I said I wouldn't be blogging for a little while, and since this is the first sentence of the post, there is no telling whether I will finish this let alone post it, but of all the reasons to do a blog post this is best of the best. 

 I just have to say... THANK YOU!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of your congratulations, prayers and well wishes on this newest Hahn baby. I know you're probably thinking, "what else would I do but congratulate you and wish you well on a baby?!", but those of you with more than 5 kids maybe understand a little bit that with announcement #5, you're not necessarily expecting the same levels of excitement and happiness that you had for 1 and 2. 

I so wish our beloved blogger Mrs. Patton would let me ransack her archives because I do recall a really hilarious chart that she made after her 5th pregnancy announcement that tracked what she thought people's responses would be, and the response to the announcement of #5 was something along the lines of "of course you're pregnant, I'm hungry...". And that's not necessarily what I was expecting, but I almost wouldn't have been surprised. When you've generally kept with an every-2-year-or-less baby pattern, people just start to expect it, and there is only so much THRILL and ELATION to go around. But not you for guys!! You went above and beyond and were just so encouraging and lovely and sweet, or at least pretended to be, and that is all I need. And if you were annoyed about another pregnancy announcement here on the blog, thank you oh so much for not expressing that in the com box, you're the best. 

Each and every single one of your comments on the blog, on the Instagrams or on Facebook was the equivalent to a giant hug (but not too giant), and a sizable glass of wine being handed to me. They lifted my nauseous spirits right up and on a week that they were in serious need of lifting. I would have posted this "thank you" pronto, but last week was one of those weeks where I wondered whether someone was filming my life and either weeping or laughing at me. 

There was one day last week that, within one hour, Joe had the most giant bomb of a diaper of his life, which required an entire load of laundry to be done and the carpet to be scrubbed, then as soon as he was clean immediately to dump a whole cup of smoothie all over our couch, necessitating the removal and laundering of the cushion covers (just after I had started the poop load), and when I brought the cushion covers down to wash, I discovered that a bright red crayon had made it into the dryer, ruining most of a different load of laundry. And while you might be thinking these are small things, let me explain: when you're in your first trimester doing normal loads of laundry feels like someone is asking you to donate a kidney to them, and doing extra loads of laundry and then having them get totally ruined feels like someone just ripped both of your kidneys out. Or something like that. Too dramatic? Yes, I know. 

Then there was the another day where the 3-year-old shat (that's better than shit, right?) all over the floor, while I was trying to make a chocolate cake for Mike's birthday, and unbeknownst to me Joe had stolen the mixer from the cake-making and had covered his face and feet and hands with chocolate cake batter. SO! naturally when I heard the preschooler yelling at him NOT TO EAT THAT (the poop) and then found him sitting next to the toddler-pile-o-poop on the floor covered in chocolate cake batter, I was sure that it was ALL poop and that he had ingested it, which naturally led to the onset of dry heaving for me and a swift removal of baby from poop pile and a rapid bath only to realize he had also pooped and it was everywhere. I later realized that he was covered in chocolate cake and not poop, but it was a little too late for me. You guys, there was just so much poop last week. I pray to never have that much poop in my life again. 

In hindsight, I think that he and Lucy were probably dealing with a little stomach bug, but at the time I was sure the poop gods were just out to get me.
Either way, you get it: it was hard and your comments and well wishes just made it a little less hard, so thank you, THANK YOU!!
Now I will probably leave you for a while, because honestly if I kept posting about my days, the posts would really only be this (the morning sickness part), over and over and over again, Dwija gets me, she just does. Thank you for being the best! 

Completely and totally unrelated old pictures, I failed to photograph all the poo for you. So sorry.


  1. Oh my gosh we are thrilled for your new baby.

    And your poop life is hysterically awful!!!

  2. As someone who feels like your life twin (3 girls & then a boy all with basically the same ages, just hitting week 8 of pregnancy #5, insecurities about announcing another pregnancy, homeschooling, kids go to an atrium program, and day 2 of dealing with so much sharting from Leo,16 mos and Nadia,3, after two birthday cake fiascos that left me scrubbing my staircase and bathing 3 kids while baking and just the yuckiest of laundry...), I think I'll just say, thank you for your intercession,and I'm pretty sure who I have been praying so intently for! Thank you for all your posts & many congrats, amidst all the awards I mentally send you for adulting so well no matter what is thrown your way. Good thing it's advent & we read about Jesus in swaddling clothes, because we're all going to be in sleeping bags & bathing suits soon here :)

  3. It's nice to live in a bubble where every baby is as exciting as the first :)

  4. Just seeing this!! So exciting! Congrats to you - every baby should definitely be celebrated as much as the first one!

  5. Oh God bless you, you poor girl! That's a whole lotta shit to deal with! ;)

  6. All babies are exciting! And we hear so much about the negative comments large families often receive, so it's good to counteract that. :)

  7. YEs, Yes, Yes! Every baby is a wonderful thing and I think Moms who have reached those bigger numbers need even more love to get through, precisely because while every child is a joy, it is more self sacrifice and more... crap.... We are taking my friend out tonight to celebrate baby #5! Prayers for a nausea abetting!

  8. So exciting!!!! We have three girls and then a baby boy too! Congrats from your doppelgänger family in NC : )

  9. Children are real blessing! I can't wait to have my own...