Thursday, October 20, 2016

Finally Four

A few months after Lucy turned 3 she started protesting naps, hard core. At some point I began using the explanation "when you turn 4, you don't have to nap anymore!", which placated her for the tiniest bit of time before she started explaining to me that she "already turned 4!!" I am positive that there were a few months in this year where she was convinced she had turned 4 already. It didn't help that I gave in on the nap front somewhere toward the end of Fred's pregnancy because I just needed to nap and not be fighting the nap battle so blessed screen time took the place of slumber for Lucy well before her 4th birthday.

For the entire week leading up to her birthday she woke up every morning looking for birthday balloons and presents and asking most confusedly "is today I'm turning 4?" Those were her exact words. I have never experienced such a huge build up to a child's birthday like I did for this one, and then when the day actually came, about every 2 hours she would ask "is it STILL my birthday?!?" At one point she got so excited and said something like "this is the longest birthday ever!!" Time in the mind of a 3-year-old is something else.

Her big gift was a Betta fish, I had her open his food first and then we had to go look for him and she was super surprised and so excited. She named him Juan Diego and HE IS AWESOME.

We decided to make the trek to the National Zoo because back when we did the Chicago Zoo Lucy was in heaven and asked for months afterward if we could go back, so I thought that this would make her similarly happy.

It was actually a total disaster. The kids were awful (I'm looking at you, Joe), but really they were all terrible and the traffic was a bear and I felt really bad for spending so much of her birthday in the car.

You live and you learn and we learned that our kids don't deserve fun things.

Kidding. A little.

But the rest of the day was nice, the weather was beautiful and I put together this little birthday cake+cupcake cones display for Lucy and she was absolutely thrilled.

She requested frozen Jen nuggets and French fries (I might have planted the idea there because I am the picture of selflessness and good nutrition) and a viewing of Jack Frost (the claymation version, not the horror movie or that weird Michael Keaton one) because we like to keep our kids on their seasonal toes.

 All in all it was a really fun day and I would say it met all of her highly anticipated expectations.

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  1. My Lucy was 5 yesterday! October birthdays are great.