Friday, October 14, 2016

hair station, first pets and unibrows {QTs!}

Time for some very speedy takes with Kelly this Friday, because I have approximately 13.5 minutes or less before all witching hour hell breaks loose.

1) Yesterday I attempted to take the kids on a nature hike in the woods behind our backyard.

I am not joking at all when I say that it lasted about 1 minute and 45 seconds from the time we walked into the woods-- which were incidentally extremely cluttered with our neighbors trash and mowed grass-- to the time we headed back to the yard. I was willing to venture past the trash and grass but then I stepped into some ridiculous bush that covered my legs with weird brown things and I am not at all into nature enough to be ok with that so we turned around and settled for a walk on the street to find rocks.

2) I went for my free Hair Station cut today and I still have hair on my head so that's good! Seriously though, I was definitely the youngest person there by about 20 or 30 years and while the woman was cutting my hair she started sharing with me about how "she never went to beauty school" but rather she "trained under her aunt" (why she thought her aunt would instill any confidence in me I am still trying to figure out). I just needed a trim so I figured worst case scenario I would just do some clean up when I got home, and while there are a few giant chunks substantially shorter on my right side than the left, I am just leaving them and counting it as a lesson in humility.

Real Lesson: unless you need a shampoo and perm, maybe go somewhere other than Hair Station.
What's that you say? You want Hair Station after picks? Oh, ok.

I know, it's not that bad, but if you were in front of me you would see the disparity in length between the 2 sides.

3) Here's another closer picture of it with a Fred strapped on during a really lovely outing today to get all of Lucy's birthday things because she is finally turning 4 tomorrow!

I say finally because she has literally been saying that "she already turned 4" for at least 6 months now. I feel like a legit parent now because I actually bought our first Hahn family pet for Lucy for this birthday because she wanted a fish and of all the pets in the world that is probably the only one Mike and I are both semi-ok with. It's a betta and it's bright purple and I kind of already love it. We are venturing out to the National Zoo in D.C. in honor of her 4th year of life and I am more than a little excited because I love animals as long as they're contained in zoos.

4) I carved a pumpkin with the kids last weekend and accidentally gave it a pretty decent unibrow:

Mike was really proud of his name for it the "Joe-Flacco-Lantern", and I was pretty proud that my growth in NFL love made it so that I actually thought that was hilarious.

5) I am making these for Lucy tomorrow

Image source same as recipe source.
And I am also probably more excited than she is about it.

6) Can some other fellow homeschooling moms who also have 2-year-old boys underfoot PLEASE tell me what to do with Joe while I attempt school with the girls? I have turned to Little Einsteins in desperation and the number of hours he has logged since we've begun school is a little, nay A LOT, embarrassing and I hate just having him sit in front of the TV, but if he writes on one more surface with crayon I might just lose it. Help!

7) Joseph has discovered a new love of taking pictures with me on my ipad. I think he just likes to look at himself, little narcissist that he is.

Fred be like "somebody shoot me, please"


  1. Oh well. At lease the cut was free. When we first moved here I went to a place called Steel Magnolias. Should have known better. They were also a perm for little old ladies specialty shop. Never went back.

  2. Oh well. At lease the cut was free. When we first moved here I went to a place called Steel Magnolias. Should have known better. They were also a perm for little old ladies specialty shop. Never went back.

  3. We have a 17 month old who literally screams if he sees us doing something productive.. If we are doing dishes or playing he's fine.. as soon as the pencils and books come out he turns into psycho baby.. I am all ears on what other moms do!

  4. Ok so this will only work if you're ok with Joseph making mess so you can school. Rice in a bowl with cups. Beans in a pot with cups and a muffin tin. Dishes to "wash" in the sink with tons of bubbles and a few plastic dishes. Also, possibly school while he naps? I have no clean recommendations, other than tv. Also, tiny trucks and cars in any of above mentioned mediums has kept my boys (4&2) busy for 20-60 minutes.

  5. I will have a 2yo boy as of next Sunday and he doesn't sit for ANYTHING while we do school (unless its on my lap... with a pen... writing on all my stuff... then he sits/wiggles/whines/yells/"writes" until I give up). He won't sit for TV :( MY best thing is to send him outside with the other boys while begging promises to "NOT OPEN THE GATE" then work super fast to get through the essentials. #Solidarity. Also, love the cupcake idea!

  6. First of all... you're adorable! Secondly, no answer for #6 but desperate to hear the answers of others because my three year old enjoys disrupting school a little bit too much... ��

  7. You are always gorgeous, missing hair chunks or no :) Enjoy the zoo!

  8. You are always gorgeous, missing hair chunks or no :) Enjoy the zoo!

  9. We used to give our 2-3 year old a paintbrush and water. It was a disaster, but it kept him busy for awhile. If you're brave, you could try a scissors and some construction paper. We've lost a few shirts that way, but I just make sure he has his "cutting shirt" on when it's scissors time. I've also just given him a pile of cotton balls, newspapers, Popsicle sticks, etc. to destroy. Once again, messy, but worth the cost. Ask yourself, what non-choking hazard objects do I not care about all that much? Or what non-germy garbage can I collect (empty spice containers, bubble wrap) this week? Ta-da! There's your toddler solution. :)

    Someone suggested to me once about having his "school" time first. That meant 15 minutes of doing whatever he wanted, 1 on 1. In theory that would mean he would plan independently after that. It never worked for me, but might be worth trying.

    I know of a family with 8 kids. Each of the kids is scheduled to entertain the toddler at different times. If Mom is meeting with kid #1, then kids #2-6 work independently while #7 is assigned to the toddler. Then it switches. That seems to work for them, but they do have, you know, 7 older kids to help.

    Good luck! I'd be interested to hear if anything works for you!

  10. I think your hair looks fine, but if you're self-conscious about it then just keep that cute baby strapped to the front of you at all times and no one will notice.

  11. One thing that has always kept my kids occupied at that age longer than anything else is "doing dishes" on a high stool at the kitchen sink. Caveat: it usually means I have to actually do the dishes first to get rid of sharp things and gross things...and I usually heavily pad the surrounding area with towels...but they it's game on.) Car wash, toy wash or dishes in the sink totally wins for them

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one baffled by what to do with my toddler during school time. And I only have one in kindergarten, so it's not like it takes all that long!! Solidarity.