Tuesday, October 4, 2016

fortnight highlights

Methinks I'll be neglecting the old blog for 2 weeks more often just so I can use the word fortnight in the post title, what say you? Good, so here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks of life which have gone unblogged (the horror!) and will be no longer.

First and most importantly! I forced family pictures on everyone.

Did I say most importantly? I meant least. Onward.

Since moving here our family has been fairly holed up here at our new pad because 1- new house excitement and 2- new baby anchor and so I've been pestering Mike with my very best nagging wife skills for us to go explore the area and do something as a family, and I finally prevailed. Last weekend there was a farm tour in a local county and I convinced Mike to lead a family expedition to see some farmish things and see them we did.

Then we thought we would ride the adventurous wave as a family and ventured out yet again this weekend for a local festival which included super tasty beer-- and I could stop there because that is all anyone really needs-- but there were free kids games and really good food and the girls even sprung for some face painting.

Which Lucy waited ever-so-patiently for behind a line full of much more outgoing and boisterous kids who were cutting in front of her left and right, but she cared not and waited contentedly until one of the face painters finally noticed that she had been sitting there- it was one of her cutest moments ever.

Our previously little Bernadette is no longer so and turned a geriatric SIX yesterday, which might not seem old to you, but she is six going on sixteen and just seems so old to me now.

She has turned a serious corner with school and is reading and doing her lessons daily like the 1st grade champ she is.

Even though she got a birthday case of the croup she was the sweetest thing and generously shared her new toys and some pairs of her stick-on earrings (her favorite gift by far- highly recommended) with her siblings. We started the day with her favorite cereal and gifts, hit up Mass on campus and did some light strolling:

Then we wrapped things up with an inaugural watching of Frozen (never again) and the most extreme chocolate cake I've ever made.

I was a jerk-mom and scheduled a dental appointment for myself and Naomi on Bernadette's birthday of all days so I was absent for a several hours in the middle, but again she was unfazed and had the sweetest attitude the entire day.

I can't even believe she is so big, all the feels, all the cliches. All done.


  1. We have a six year old birthday in the house this week as well! She is homeschooling a Kindergarten/1st grade hybrid because I am still on the fence! Since you know live in Virginia Wine Country.. you have to go to some of the kid friendly Vineyards! It's a fun fall tradition.. depending on whether I'm pregnant or not ;)

  2. Your family picture looks great! No tantrums. :)

  3. That was your first Frozen experience? We made the mistake of showing my 2yo that one first, and she is proficient in "let it gooooo!" In the house. I had to work her back to Barbie princess movies (my favorite). Your family is getting so big! PLEASE let me know if you ever travel to Manassas area! I do hope we will get to meet you some day!