Sunday, January 22, 2017

mirror selfies, books and more! {7QT}

Linking up with Kelly on Sunday, partially to distract myself from nerves over the Steelers-Patriots game tonight. Who have I turned into?

1) I was at a party last night with a game where you had to identify a bunch of celebrities by their head shots and I could not for the life of me remember Tom Brady's name, which Mike was thoroughly ashamed of (not really), but which I took as an omen for the game results. Also not really. But really-- I do not feel good about it.

2) I never go to parties. And I never take mirror selfies. But last night I did both:
Don't worry, it will not become a trend. My mirror selfies, that is.
Shout out to Alex who hosted one of the coolest, well planned parties I have ever attended-- it was really wonderful and a great way for this shut-in of a mother to meet some new peeps in town. I love the peplum dress that I wore, but it was unfortunately borrowed from a friend and now I want to buy one, but then I remember that I do not go out and I would likely have no where to wear it sooo, there's that.

3) Everybody was posting their yearly reading lists and I am still baffled at the sheer number of books you fellow mothers of tons of little kids read in a year-- hooooow do you do it?! I have set my goals nice and low with a short stack of 3 to start with.

I also decided to dig into our own book shelves here instead of stalking others' reading lists and buying or borrowing from the dreaded library, we have so many books I've never read. I made a small dent in my O'Connor collection a few years ago and while I enjoyed most of them, some of them (ahem, The Lame Shall Enter First) made me a depressed mess for several days. Would you Flannery Folks give me some suggestions of some of your favorites of the not-ultra-depressing variety (Christy? Haley?) Preferably ones with no kid deaths, please and thank you.

4) On the subject of reading, I read sweet Britt's most recent birth story this week and was literally on the edge of my seat, it was so good!

5) I know I've already raved about it on Instagram, but my very favorite Christmas gift this year was my Hatch Prints calendar- Katrina has such beautiful talent. I looked ahead to the painting for February and can safely say that nothing has made me this excited for February. Ever.

I would highly recommend it to brighten your home and your February.

6) I'm toying with the idea of enrolling in a curriculum for 3rd and 2nd grade (maybe Kolbe?) but I am wondering what the pros are considering the cost of it. I'm all eeeeeears.

7) Happy Sunday!!!


  1. When I first started homeschooling I did Kolbe and I really like it, mostly because they tell you everything to do, every day. And they will keep a transcript for you, etc. However, as I went on in years and my boys got older, I branched out and I don't use it anymore. That being said, the one I would REALLY encourage you to look at is Memoria Press' curriculum. I am SO in love with their materials and their whole offering. I would totally use them for everything if I was starting out now. I'm migrating over to a bunch of their subjects for my older kids, but we're nearing the end of homeschooling as my 3rd son is headed to high school next year, so I only have one more left. I'm happy to talk to you about any of this!

  2. You are soooooo beautiful!

    Thank you for the calendar love :) I know you are NOT a winter lover so that is quite a compliment about February. Love you!

  3. That calendar is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

    I found that audiobooks are the best way for me to get through a big stack. Of course they all have to be pretty PG-- not something that the kids necessarily will listen to, but something I wouldn't be embarrassed if they overheard. Our library uses hoopla so we can check out audiobooks without actually leaving the house or fussing with CDs.

    We enroll our 3rd and 1st grader in Seton. It's not the bestest, bestest curriculum, but it does save me a bunch of time curriculum shopping and planning. It's been worth the cost for us.

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  5. Absolutely love your blog!
    We use Seton for our K, 1st and 3rd graders. We love it! We also love that our Catholic faith is integrated in each subject.

  6. You. Need. A. Dress. Like. That. (Yes, I'm basically yelling). You look a-mazing!! Thanks for the sweet shout-out. And, we're doing Mother of Divine Grace! I LOVE it! It's not too intense right now, which I love, and it has everything I need to do broken down by the day and subject. So, if you have any other questions, I'm here!