Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Tuesday is Monday for me. I do not know what it is, but I usually have really good Mondays and then Tuesday comes and does to me what Monday does to the rest of the world. So screen time and sanity blogging about absolutely nothing in no particular order it is.

I woke up yesterday morning from a super deep sleep, one of those sleeps where you are in the dream, like when you wake up you have a really hard time distinguishing from dream and reality. Anyways, I woke up to a 6-year-old in my face informing me that, though it was not yet 8 a.m., the 7-year-old was about to suit all the rest of the children up and send them outside in the freshly fallen snow.

I had no idea that any snow had fallen and was thoroughly confused but then I thought of how half-assedly the kids were sure to be clothed if I did not intervene so I jumped out of bed and played the best wet blanket mother there is and made them wait a whole 45 minutes!! before suiting them up. There is only so much terribleness I can handle pre-coffee.

Eventually they got out there and since it was 40 degrees by noon they only managed one additional outing and now all the snow is melted- because God loves me. But! It did not melt before the girls fashioned their very first ever real snow man.

I named him Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, which is utterly fitting.

Mike and I are typically pretty lame shut-ins, but this past weekend surprised us both with lots of really wonderful friend time and my naturally sanguine, extroverted heart was singing. Especially! When my loveliest of lovely friend Katrina (Miss Hatchprints, herself) stopped through on Saturday her way back from the March (with her whole family! amazing!)

It was such a breath of fresh air, she is just the best.

With the help of some seriously generous friends, we topped the weekend off by adding a piano to our home decor items and I am just really stoked about it. Stoked enough to say "Stoked", so you know it's real.

I'm also loving my new fake succulents because I killed my real ones. RIP sweet, succulents.
They're so easy to take care of!

I updated my About page finally!

I read this beautiful, hopeful post by Laura and am sending many congratulations and prayers her way.

Wishing you the un-Mondayish Tuesday!! 

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