Monday, February 13, 2017

my best Saturday

I have never been the type that needs to live in a warm climate. I grew up in a town that boasts primarily cloudy, unimpressive weather and normal cold winters.

However, after 8 years in South Bend, with winter temps regularly below zero, too cold to send your kids outside for fear of limb loss some due to frostbite, and all clouds all the time, I definitely started feeling like maybe the Midwest weather wasn't for me. When Mike got the job here in Virginia I was really sad because we loved our friends in our town and that was out home, but I have to admit that I was really really excited about this climate compared to South Bend's. I know they still have normal winters here and they're not all as great as this one has been, (believe me, I know because people won't stop telling me), but I also know from incessant accuweather checkage since we've moved here that it is always 20 degrees warmer here than South Bend- all the time. And that is all I need.

This post is not about the weather though, this post is about Saturday, which brought all sorts and kinds of goodness thanks to the beautiful weather. The day started with me getting to go to 2 thrift stores solo during Lucy's ballet class- that was amazing in itself. Then when we got home at 10:30 it was already in the 60s out (!!!). I had been wanting to finish painting the last of our home's polished brass light fixtures, but my last round of spray painting was done on 30 degree days and it took my mirrors roughly 2 weeks to fully dry, so I had resolved to wait until there was warmer weather. Imagine my delight when I got just that in early February (go ahead, imagine it, it's good isn't it?). I ran down to Mike's office and forced ask him nicely him to take the rest of the lights down for me so I could commence- he lovingly obliged and commence I did.

Believe me, I know that these lights are not ideal, and I have perused new light fixtures to know well enough that there are lots more beautiful ones that could really transform what our main floor looks like. But light fixtures get pricey and even on Craig's list I was not able to find 6 light fixtures for under $25 total, which is what I paid in the end for all 6 of our main floor fixtures going the spray painting route. Budget-wise this is what we had to do right now, boob bulbs and all, in fact I have kind of grown to love the boob bulb. No that's not true, I've grown to embrace the boob bulb, embrace the boob, ya'll-- paint it and embrace it.
They are literally all over our house, it's a boob light infestation.

Here's the post where I put up some pictures of our dining chandelier and living room boob (Pictured above). Since I did those lights in the dark metallic color I went ahead and did the other 4 the same for some first floor uniformity.

Here's another before of the kitchen light that I loathe but now that it's painted I loathe a little less.

Here it is now.

And the view walking up from the basement, which used to make me cringe every trip up the stairs.
Not bad. No more cringing.
Also, since we hung the mirror above our hearth I had to look at the brass kitchen light even more:
But not now:

Here are the 2 in the entry, which I took no befores of, and despite their geometric boob-ness, I think they are a vast improvement.

And my little above the sink one which is small, but in a central locale so I'm glad it's not bright brass anymore.
All in all I feel a great deal of satisfaction that it is done, and I prefer the spray painted product to the polished brass 100%.

I also got to go for a run and the kids got to bike and romp outdoors most of the day and in my book that is pretty much the best weekend day ever. Naomi got a camera for Christmas and snapped these gems on their bike ride around the neighborhood.
Budding photographer indubitably.

I hope your Saturday was just as awesome and that your week follows suit!


  1. Brass is all over our house! We started updating to nickel finish, but maybe I should just be painting them!! What product did you use? It looks great!!!! Also just super impressed you did all that AND blogged with five kids ;)

  2. Brass is all over our house! We started updating to nickel finish, but maybe I should just be painting them!! What product did you use? It looks great!!!! Also just super impressed you did all that AND blogged with five kids ;)

  3. Lights look awesome! We have some boob lights in our new home as well that I think I will spray paint as well. Possibly add a shade to one as well!

    1. Also, I did not mean to use 'as well' 3 times. #MOMBRAIN

  4. They look so great. All hail the spray paint!

  5. The boob light! That is so funny. I will never look at those types of lights the same again!! They look great!

  6. Wow!! That's quite the transformation. Great job!! We have lots of nickle plated boobs in our house. (I am assuming that the boob light fixtures are the cheapest ones out there and they must be the builders go-to fixture of choice.) My mom pointed them out as boobs to me when we moved in and I always chuckle about that.

  7. LOVE the afters!!!! And your winter experience reminds me of when we moved from South Bend down to Missouri. Still cold, but MUCH shorter winters and temperatures consistently 10-20 degrees warmer. Bliss.