Friday, March 17, 2017

snow day vibez

 Linking up with Kelly reeeeal quick like!

1) I cannot believe this week is over, it was sucked into the vortex of laundry and actually cleaning! my! toilets! for the first time in over a month. Noooooot joking even a little about that. Also, it snowed!!

And in true Virginia style the town nearly shut down for what turned out to be roughly 4 measly inches. Sorry, VA, I can't stop making fun of you.

2. The kids were utterly thrilled and made some more terrifying snow men:

3: Well the older 2 made them while the younger 2 stayed in the kitchen tapping the hot cocoa and marshmallows like the sugar addicts they are:

4: Also I almost killed our fish from overfeeding him, but he has beat the odds and recovered like the fighter he is:

5: Freddie is officially 9 months old and I am pretty sure he slept through the night twice this week. I literally can't remember whether I got up with him, but several mornings I've woken up looking like this so I am going to go ahead and guess that I didn't nurse him.

6: Joe is still waking up every night from his tonsil/sinus issues so it's not like I'd be feeling rested from the baby sleeping or anything. That would be too much to ask.

Thanks, J.
Speaking of rest, I read Blythe's post this week and can't stop Amen-ing. A really good reminder to rest as a mortification this Lent.

7: My wonderfully beautiful mother is adopted and so we don't know as much about her lineage as we would if we knew her biological family well.

However after a recent visit (pictured above) she informed me that her maiden name is actually thoroughly Irish as opposed to what I thought it was growing up and so I am off to celebrate my now Irish heart out.

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all!!


  1. Yes! Welcome to VA in snow! I grew up in Michigan and so we never had school off. But the reason VA freaks out probably because it doesn't happen enough! But I'm with you! I love the crazy panic!

  2. I love the dolly link! I have a miracle baby who sleeps 6 hours at a strech (so the toddler can keep me up at night-they spell each other) and I feel like that too. I think I could also take your priest's advice. Also, I just asked my husband if we could move ands start over with a clean house, rather than deal with the mess of our own. Add someone who has recently moved, please remind me why this is probably not a good plan. See need for sleep as contributing factor to faulty reasoning.