Friday, March 10, 2017

spring "break" takes

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1- Mike was on spring break this week so I decided to give the kids Monday off as their "spring break" (my kindness knows no bounds). This meant that Monday was the best day ever and Tuesday was from h-e-double- toothpicks, but that is generally how Tuesday's roll anyhow. I spent roughly an hour trying to remind the 8 year old what 16 PLUS ZERO is and the other one just stared at her papers and asked the same question 35 times I a row. My brain almost exploded. In an effort to turn things around I let the kids (read: Naomi) organize a snack scavenger hunt (or "Snackenger Hunt"):

This is an idea I had last week where I put clues all over the yard with tiny snacks attached to each clue and at the end they get a special snack. It was the brainchild of my utter selfishness because it buys me roughly 15 extra minutes in the morning to stare at the wall or stalk Instagram while I guzzle coffee. I'm such a good mom.

2- Since Mike has been working from home all week I've been able to replace stupid living room workouts with glorious outdoor runs and as I ran behind a very trendy looking lady yesterday I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I should update my workout wardrobe. I still look exactly like this when I run. Plus I am too prideful to invest in some prescription athletic glasses with strap around the back of my head so I end up running with tee shirts and shorts that hail from high school, with my thrifted New Balances, without being able to see squat. I did find this border-line trendy sweatshirt at the Salvation Army recently,

It makes me look a tad less ridiculous, but I can only wear it when it's cold out and I hate running it cold weather.

3- Over the weekend I continued a recent search I've been on to find a nice looking, decent sized, CHEAP (under $30) fake plant. I would never have thought that a) I would be the crazy lady on this sort of a hunt and b) that this would be such an impossible thing, but here's a little story that explains why you cannot find any in this town: There was one thrift store (the "Family Thrift Store"- ha! sorry) that I had not yet perused to find this sought after ideal plant, so I decided to run over and check it out last weekend. My heart skipped a beat when I walked into this store-- it was fake plant heaven I tell you! ALL THE FAKE PLANTS you could ever desire: small ones, large ones, every size you ever needed, all over the store. I only had to look for approx 2 minutes before I found the perfect plant. It was exactly what I had in mind, so I ran over to the desk (hastily so no one else snagged it while I walked there) and asked for a price because there wasn't one on it. The saleslady was busy stuffing her face full of multiple types of fare from a Styrofoam container- the food looked and smelled like it came from a carnival- and she looked me in eye and explained (with a mouth half-full of spaghetti) that all the fake plants in the store were merely decorative, for store use only and NOT FOR SALE. Decorative use. In a thrift store. Not for sale. In in a thrift store-- you know, the equivalent of a year-round yard sale. I begged her to sell it to me but she refused and I walked out finally knowing  why I can't find one anywhere-- they have them all and they won't sell them. I'm thinking some Oceans 11 action is in order. Kidding? I'm insane.

4- My very-first-ever-real indoor-plant is thriving (shockingly) so I may go the real plant route after all. But the spot I want the plant (to the left in the pic below) is not near a window and clearly this plant does better near a window.
Welp, there's a new low for you, I just posted a collage of my indoor plant.

Anyways, give me all your best real plant recommendations for LOW light? Thank you!!

5- Fred is almost 9 months old and CRAWLING!!! He is the house favorite (not just my favorite) and every time I carry him into a room every child reacts as if it is their first time seeing him ever.

He's cutting 3 teeth right now and Joe is getting the last of his 2 year molars so it's like a toddler/baby college party every night, complete with excessive drinking (Fred) and high emotions (Joe) and loud noises and I wake up feeling hungover from lack of sleep. It's really fitting for spring break.

6- I actually thought that the only reason Joe was waking up at night was teething but then I something about his very, very rough behavior and the sound of his voice felt familiar and I thought to look into his mouth the other day and sure enough: giant tonsils, just like Lucy.

 Lucy had to have a tonsillectomy at age 2 and it was rather awful so I am praying that this will pass for him and we won't have to do it again, your prayers are so appreciated too.

7: I decided to act like a really cool, fun mom this week and let the kids erupt their first Volcano with baking soda and vinegar--
IMG 3187 from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.
Their excitement was arguably disproportionate as you can see. A little bit goes a long way, I guess.

Happy weekend!!


  1. Way to go with the experiment! I have completely failed in this department. Science experiments in our projects are not my forte! but I do have baking soda and vinegar so we may have to give this a try!

  2. I want to know about that lucite monogram tray!!!!

  3. Do you have a Home Goods near you? They always have tons of really cool fake plants and they vary in size and price.

    I have no advice on low light houseplants. Although I did pick up a pack of three succulents in really cool containers at Costco a month ago and they are extremely low maintenance - water every two weeks and they take light or shade.

  4. Try a zizi (zeezee?) plant! My husband has one that is THRIVING in his windowless office. You can also get a clip-on spotlight and put a plant light bulb in it to add light. I have a couple in my house since I have a rather high plant-to-window ratio, and it keeps them going. :)

  5. PhilodendRon (vine) and peace lily are two house plants that can live with no light and little care. The first grows fast too

  6. My sanseveria did great till the kids knocked it over and all my succulents are pretty forgiving...but I don't feel like they're breathing out enough good air - because when you don't have enough to stress about you should definitely worry about indoor air quality.

    We also have a Madagascar Dragon Tree (found the name by googling "indoor spiky plant") that has been alive for over a year and I'm sure I only water it every other week. It's not thriving but it's not dying and it has survived being knocked over twice! huzzah!

  7. Ana, the thrift store/fake plant story is just over the top!