Friday, May 12, 2017

come to my house and party! (7qt)

Is anyone else having a "wait, wasn't it already Friday?" moment because they were sure on Wednesday that it was actually already Friday at which point they began drinking? No? Just me? Linking up with Kelly and TGIF quick ones, because seriously, Thank God.

1) Last Friday I got to go out with my sister-in-law (who is blogging again! wooooot!) and our good friend to drink and laugh and not feed any human beings but ourselves and it was so glorious. While we were out I was raving about a margarita recipe I used to use (from Hallie) that is so good, and then Hannah found this one on America's Test Kitchen and you best believe I hopped right on it. I have the citrus base refrigerating now-- I am over-zealous when it comes to margaritas-- happy Friday, indeed.

I will keep you abreast of the results. You're so welcome.

2) This should have been #1 because it is amazing (margaritas always come first inside my brain) but I am hosting this year's CWBN Mid-Atlantic Conference here at our home-- all the "eeeeeeeks" and all the "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s". If you are anywhere in the Northern Virginia area or have any possible excuse in the world (ahem, our nation's capital, presidents, patriotism, hello?) you should COME!!!! Kelly, Mary, Elizabeth, Ginny, Meg, Rosie ,and of course myself, will be there, so basically it will be a party. Hit up the website for information, which will be updated constantly with more info in the coming weeks. Registration is not open yet, but will be within about a week and I will be sure to post everywhere when it is, get yourself here and I will give you a margarita.

3) We saw this double rainbow last week and I actually succeeded in photographing it, though you can't see the "double" part, whatev.

I feel like I should save this picture for a future inspiring blog post but my current track record indicates that may never happen again. Remember the double rainbow guy? He made our lives so much better, those were the days.

4) Fred is almost 11 months and I am dying inside at that thought.

5) And how are my girls this old? Somebody tell me!

Taken before their May Crowning with their Little Flower group the other day.

6) I have been keeping Bonnie and her family in my prayers, if you haven't read about her daughter's condition, they can definitely continue to use the prayers. Her updates on Instagram have been super hopeful, praise God!

7) Swimsuit update: I ordered the fringe suit from last week's post, got it, tried it on and sent it back (returns are super easy and free!). It was super cute, but the fringe was more sparse than the photos made it seem like it would be, so I think I may go the peplum route, I'm not sure, but as alwasy, I am sure I'll let you know.


  1. 1. I remember the double rainbow guy! Joe used that as his fantasy football name haha.
    2. YAY for margaritas with no kids!! I begged Jen Fulwiler's margarita recipe off Grace and if Hallie gave you the same one... it's awesome.
    3. Love the peplum suit, it would look so cute on you!

  2. I'm pretty sure my last blog post was during TESSA'S pregnancy! 😳 So excited about those margaritas! I am craving a Mojito or Strawberry Daiquiri but it might have to be a Yuengling weekend 😜

  3. God bless you for hosting!! Can't wait. The margaritas sound amazing-- I've been really wanting to get one really easy to make cocktail recipe that I can just keep the ingredients for in the fridge. This might be it!

  4. Bummer about the fringe suit- it looked so cute in the pictures! Love the peplum one, though, and if you have to nurse, removeable halters are super handy and make pool nursing (under a towel, in the heat, when you're covered in sunscreen) bearable. 😉