Sunday, April 8, 2012

Embrace the bunny

Don't worry, we don't tell our kids that there is an Easter bunny, but every other year since getting married I have been rabidly anti-bunny at Easter. But then this year I just decided to go with it and buy some bunny peeps and bunny milky ways- because they are cute and that is all, and why run away from it- Jesus still rose from the dead whether bunnies are everywhere or not.

In the spirit of embracing the bunny I made this cake with a pan my mom gave me a few years ago but refused to use:

And we trudged through the morning as gleefully as is possible when your morning starts at 4 a.m. (just as your husband is coming to bed, yes some of us still have husbands who have to pull all nighters for paper deadlines). My ever-so glamorous pregnancy rash as been keeping me up throughout the night and now waking me up at 4, whoever said pregnant women are the most beautiful has never seen me close up during pregnancy. Let's see how much I can mention my rash on the blog- so gross, sorry.

So these are sadly the only pictures I snapped of our Easter:
inhaling smarties
And a bonus video of Naomi finding her basket. Happy Easter!!

naomi's discovery from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.


  1. I'm glad you embrace the bunny. Is it wrong that I told my girls several times to stop their unsavory behavior or the Easter bunny would "passover" our house?

  2. Our kids are so confused about the Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy because my husband and I never "push" them, but at school (Catholic school) they are talked about all the time. So we are just extremely vague and give them gifts and they can think whatever they want. At least I can honestly say I never lied to them :)

  3. As a kid I knew he wasn't real, but I just loved it anyway =). Bunnies are just cute =)...usually. . . I love the video! Naomi is so cute about finding her basket! I hope you guys had a very Happy Easter and continue to for the next several weeks!