Monday, July 23, 2012

3 words: funnel cake balls

--> Just in case any of my super sweet, extra affirming readers think that I have gone off the deep end of worry over my weight or that I am actually really following through with the giving up of all sweets to manage my weight, fear not. I cannot and will not (unless it it’s a serious health issue or something) completely give up sweet things. I certainly do not care that much about how much weight I gain that I would forfeit such a joyous thing as sugar during such a trying time as pregnancy. I've mostly been reacting out of an irrational fear of my Doctor and not out of any extra insecurities over being too chubby. 

So when my pallet had a sudden urge to experience the glorious taste of funnel cake the other day, I gladly conceded. However, it really did not turn out to be the funnel cake experience I had in mind, but rather more of a "funnel cake ball" experience. Either way, deep fried dough+lots o'powdered sugar=happy toddlers and pregnant lady.

I found this recipe using the Google and it was pretty good.
2 issues occurred during the making that I would be aware of if you are going to give it a go:

UNO: The batter was much thicker than I thought it was going to be so when I put it in a gallon bag like it told me to (I didn't have a funnel lying around), I cut the hole waaaaaaay to big which meant that I couldn't squeeze anything smaller than a large ball of dough into the the oil. So it wasn't so much the swirly funnel cake that you expect to see, but actually just deep fried dough balls.
So: cut the hole in your bag small, or use a tiny funnel so that you can end up with something resembling this beauty to the right.

yeah, not so much
DOS: It turns out that our lone "deep skillet" that I used to fry the batter is made with that lovely black calphalon substance, which started coming off all over the deep fried goodness due to the hot hot oil. I am fine eating all sorts of foods of which I am not totally sure of the origin or meats where the cows may be fed questionable things, chickens who are given hormones and what not, but I draw the line at black substances that come off of pans which is not even edible. Once I realized this was happening I just had to be sure the balls weren't touching the bottom of the pan, but next time I will probs just use a pan not made of this questionable substance.

So in the end mother and children were content to enjoy a few deep fried dough balls a piece as the rest were thrown out half blackened by remnants of our pan. Still, we were happy.

**I feel I should let all readers know that previously talked of Dr. Mean Pants was very nice and affirming of my weight gain today, she still made sure to say I want to keep it minimal so as to not produce a mammoth baby, but still she was sweet. 

Happy Monday.


  1. sounds yummy! I just wanted to say that since we recently moved I had to get a new ob and when I told her about my previous "mammoth babies" she didn't seem that concerned. She said that I had a "proven pelvis" meaning I could birth big bebes oh natural with no problem. Just wanted to share because I piped in on the Dr. Mean Pants talk last time! :))
    (I still don't want to top my nearly 10 pounder!)

  2. I LOVE me some funnel cake! Oh boy does that look good!
    P.S. I am so glad your appointment went well!

  3. Affirming and encouraging doctor = brilliant! Mammoth baby = not so brilliant (I have of course imagined a Woolly Mammoth baby here...not what you were going for I know).

    If you want to take deep-fried dough cakes to the next level then try making "Koeksisters" (a South African AMAZING treat for tea & coffee breaks):

    Once you've tried them you won't want to stop eating them... :-)

    1. Um, wow. I looked at that recipe and now it's all I can think about!!
      Thanks for reading the blog!!

  4. oh, funnel cake is my favorite thing to get at festivals in the fall! Good to hear the doc was not mean.

  5. Three Words: I'm Coming Over!