Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adventures with Naomi

Naomi's newest thing is to beg Mike and me to tell her some of our "best adventure stories." She plops down on her stomach with her hands under her chin (as cute and cheesy as it sounds), and asks us to tell her about anything exciting that has ever happened to us. We're trying hard to think of different things every day, and attempting to make all our of travels abroad sound like crazy adventures, but we're running out of stories to tell.

So today, instead of Naomi begging for and getting a story from me, she decided to sit down on the floor and tell me some of her own adventures. This is how it went.

Naomi: Mommy, would you like to hear some of *my* best adventure stories?!?!?

Me: Um, YES, please!!

Naomi: Ok, did you know that one time I went to college?

Me: You did? What did you do there?

Naomi: Yes, I did, and I worked and worked and worked, and I couldn't even come home until Monday!

Then when I did try to come home I went to "Curb Street" [a completely made up street] but our home wasn't on Curb Street and I went farther and farther away from our home and I couldn't find you!

Then I got chased by a huge, big, enormous bee and it stung me on the neck and I was running and running and then I called you and asked you if I could have your car to drive home.

So you came and picked me up and gave me the car and you rode your bike home and I drove home [why am I riding my bike home?].

Then I ran and ran into the house and slammed the door because the big, huge, enormous bee was still behind me. But we got away.

Me: Wow. You win. That beats all of my best adventure stories.

Naomi: Yeah

Me: Can I go post this on my blog?

Naomi: Yeah, sure!! Bernadette, mommy is gonna go post my adventures on her blog.

This is pretty much word for word how this just went down.

Now go try and have more exciting day than her, just try.


  1. HA. I can't wait for Julia to talk.

    She needs to read Bernadette's latest post -- kind of impressed and super jealous over here!!

  2. Love this! My favorite part is that you had to bike home while she drove. So funny :)

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! THAT is hilarious! I haven't seen your beautiful in way to long, we need to remedy this!

  4. I like how she left you behind on the bike to get attacked by the killer bee...a lovely touch...LOL

  5. My children BEG, ad nauseum, for me and my husband to tell them stories about when we were kids. They are in hog-heaven when the grandparents, or aunts and uncles, are visiting, and will embellish on the stories or tell new ones (or in the case of some certain siblings, make stuff up....!)