Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It had been a couple of years since I had seen my good friend Sarah from college days, but it felt like no time had passed at all since then as we hung out the past couple of days. Except, of course, for the children that we have borne since college days running around us like a herd of wild prairie dogs-- yeah, there was that.

It was such a great visit, and I am left feeling super grateful for such good, lasting friendships formed during those college days.

Sarah and I traveled together in Austria, a trip I may have mentioned in a post or 2 before.

We bonded pretty much immediately over there and spent many days and nights drinking wine, eating Nutella and whatever we could find to dip in it, and dancing. Sarah and I did quite a few loner dance parties in our day, meaning we blared music in our rooms and danced to our hearts' content. And took videos.

Not at all in chronological order, top to bottom: meeting after I had my first babe and she was about to; at my wedding; in college, drinking wine, what else?; at her wedding

After traveling abroad, we lived together for the remaining two years of college: the fun just did not stop.

I love this friend and so wish we lived next door so we could drink even more wine, and DANCE. Or talk, whatever. We've gotten to see a bit of each other since the good ol' days, but it is never enough.

And here are some most recent pics, embarrassingly the only ones that I snapped:

Good times had by children with play dough (shout-out to Alexandra for the hook-up!)

And the mothers (plus proof that I did not eat Sarah)

Also, a little shameless plug here for Sarah's husband's business: He blogs over at, is an amazing photographer (so is she!!) and you should go CHECK HIM OUT.


  1. Those photo's are spectacular! I've often thought about a plan to renew our vows on our 10 year anniversary. It would be a whole redo of our wedding day...photographer, reception, beautiful dress for my wife, dapper suit for me...and a whole bunch of friends to celebrate with at a big that we have a little more means to invite more than the 45 guests we could afford when we originally got married :-)

    Ana, have you ever thought of a wedding day sequel/renewal of vows? It seems you've got a brilliant photographer already lined up...

    1. I have definitely thought about having him do some family portraits if they are ever in town together- he is so good!
      You should definitely do the vow renewal, and I bet you could get him to South Africa :)

  2. Oh Ana, this is awesome! Loved getting to see you and wish it could have gone on and on! Can't wait until next time!

  3. Can't believe that stuff isn't moldy yet! I'm going to have to make you a fresh batch soon. Sorry we still have all of your tools!