Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday, Mike

In honor of the celebration of the birth of our family's patriarch I bring you: the return of a little Mike Check and 30 things I love about him, complete with picture collages.

"Over the top", you say? Nothing is too much for the father of my babies. It may be a bit sappy and there may be too many pictures and some repeats from last year, but you'll just have to deal, or don't read it. Here we go.


While talking last night about this blog post and how I could come up with 30 things I love about him, Mike said: "Are you sure you can come up with that many that aren't innappropriate?"

After we made him birthday "cake", that needs to sit all night I took a picture for the blog and Mike said:
"Don't take a picture of it, it's going to look all gross and purple like all of your food shots"

While hanging out Mike was talking about wanting to go get a Whopper and I said that the burgers would be better if we wait until their deal (buy one get on for 55 cents) starts, and Mike said:
"See, that's where you demonstrate your ignorance, Whoppers would be just as good now"

As I was describing to Mike how Naomi and Bernadette baptize each other in the bath, I explained that Naomi baptizes Bernadette then Bernadette baptizes Naomi and Mike said:
"And then they pee and then they drink the water and then they baptize each other again"


30 things I love about my now 30-year-old husband:

(sorry that some are hard to read and for some spelling errors, grillking=grilling)

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  1. What a sweet post-tribute! Happy birthday to your husband! OH! And do post the recipe to the cake. That looks gooood. Maybe I'm just craving whip cream this morning? Maybe that's weird.

  2. Happy 30th Birthday Mike!! I love your loving post Ana, you two are so lucky in love and great witnesses for everyone else.

  3. so sweet!! I already feel guilty for not being this nice on Simon's birthday in a few weeks.

    Happy Birthday Mike!!

  4. Happy Birthday Mike!
    What a wonderful, fun tribute!!

  5. This is so sweet, Ana. Happy birthday to Mike! Have fun celebrating!

  6. Very sweet post! Loved reading your how we met story. I've never written ours down....

  7. Happy Birthday, Mike! I think Ana was right, you're the "grill-king."

  8. Love this! And love that you re-posted the links to your "story". I read it the first time, but it was great all over again!

  9. i first thought grill-king was some sort of barbecuing related video game...

    also, i like the sound of this death by chocolate thing!

  10. This is so beautiful! Love husbands.