Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Even though I was not able to get any suitable photos of my mostly sub-par outfit, I am still linking up, because let's be honest: it's the thing to do.

To clear up the confusion: 1) sweater closed 2) sweater open 3) no sweater
To answer all your burning internal questions:

-yes, these are the best pictures I could get
-yes, I did wear shoes to Mass and I am wearing them under the tall grass
-no, my hair was not professionally done this morning (natural talent)
-yes, the black shirt is a teeny bit big on me, but that's how I like it
-yes, I will be submitting these photos to Project Runway (is that show even on anymore??)

Mass was lovely because Bernadette had to stay home with a "tummy ache", after several crazzzzy diapers I decided to believe her and just go early with Naomi and Lucy. Who knew taking 2 kids by myself would prove to be so un-stressful after going with 3 for the past 6 weeks? It was awesome.

And now they are watching "The Sword and the Stone" (or as Bernadette calls it "The Sword in the Stove") because we are unholy people who watch movies about magic on Sundays.

From the runway:
Sweater & earrings: Target
Shirts and skirt: Old Navy
Always worn black flats: Target thrifted

What can I say? I am high fashion. Head over to the love ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for more!


  1. Sub-par? I don't think so! That cardigan is great, so J. Crew, and I love your green skirt! I've been looking for something in that exact kelly shade for Christmas. You look beautiful! Hope you had a good week, Ana, and that your daughter feels better =)

  2. It's a bad day for Project Runway when we don't even know if it's on anymore, haha.

    Your "closed sweater" pose is hilarious. I do love your green skirt!

  3. Sppsh, "sub-par"? Who cares! The photos are fun and real! And the green skirt - definitely a great piece! I hope your little Bernadette gets well soon! Sick kiddos are no fun.

  4. Ummm I think it is all awesome. I like the profession up-do! ;)

  5. Hahaha, the Sword in the Stove: I LOVE kids' movie title interpretations. My little sister used to say Dora B'spora when she wanted to watch that idiotic show. Can't wait til my kiddo has similar faux pas but so far our vocab count is up to....4.

  6. I love ruffly gray cardigans. That one looks fantastic on you.

  7. I love that first picture. It says, "It's cold!"

  8. 1. I have that sweater! LOVE it!
    2. Love that skirt.
    3. You give me hope that whenever we have our 3rd little one that I'll be able to handle mass with all 3 when the hubs is working a ridiculous shift at the hospital.

    Cute as always.

  9. I really do heart your outfit AND you are my hero for taking 3 kids to Mass by yourself (I know, on other days). Hero!

  10. I love those colors together! And 2 little kids by yourself to mass = mom of the year.

  11. That green skirt is fantastic and I agree - kudos to taking 2 kids by yourself!

  12. A too big shirt is infinitely better than a too small one. :) Love the outfit, esp the green skirt! Glad Mass was easier for you today!

  13. great outfit and great pics :) the sweater is super cute

  14. Love the cardi and the color of the skirt...the poses are hilarious!!! Love it!!

  15. Ana, you look sweet and charming as always. I LOVE green. And congratulations on finding time to accessorize with the beautiful earrings.

    Now that I have tried posting a picture of myself, I am awed by your skill and the loveliness of your photography. I have managed to post a picture of a filthy mirror with my obscured reflection in it.