Friday, November 30, 2012

7 quick takes, again

It just wouldn't be Friday without joining Jen for some quick takes, so here I go again: 

1) Can I just say that I la la la love blogging?? I can, will and just did. I love it and have the best, sweetest reader friends ever. Seriously, thank you all for your wonderfully sweet and encouraging comments after my whine fest this morning.

2) I have to say still that this has been/is a much easier transition (so far) than the transition to 2 kids. The shock of having multiple children was real hard and you should thank your lucky stars I didn't blog my way through that. Well I kind of did, but luckily it has been errased, thank you Blogger.

3) Speaking of blogging, I totally missed my 1 year blogaversary earlier this month (you can still send belated cards and gifts, money is preferable). I have blogged through some mediocre sewing, done quite a bit of venting and even blogged through some genuinely tough times, and it has all been wonderful. The E-friendships I have made have been the next best thing to actually getting together with you wonderful ladies (and some gents), having a drink and talking face to face. It has even led to developing some great face to face friendships, so thank you all!

4) We had ourselves a little cookie baking fest this week resulting in mass amounts of sugar cookies being inhaled, mostly by me. Not really in keeping with my plan, but then again, neither are the kit kats I am currently eating...
I was thoroughly impressed with her cookie dough rolling/cutting skills.

And just as impressed with Bernadette's cookie dough eating skills, she is her mother's daughter.

5) This speaks for itself:
 Yes, that is a sugar cookie creche: equal parts holy and tasty.

6) I feel like I should post something funny for you to watch. I think this is positively hilarious, but you only will if you watch enough football (college or pro, really). Sorry if you hate it (mmm wait, no I'm not).

7) And on that note: go ND!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Also very excited by ND! Also what the heck. You have an newborn and you make nativity cookies! Giiiiiiirrrrrrrllllll!

  2. There it is! The jeans post that gave me my inspiration! Only took me an entire year to get on board with your genius! Oh my gosh. Must share.

  3. Haha! Love the BYU guy at the end.

    Go Irish!!!

  4. hahahahaha. i just died laughing from that video. thank you.

  5. Oh my gerrrsh, I feel terrible for saying this, but that Nativity scene looks delicious, and I really want to eat all of it. Mmmm...sheep. Glad to hear the new baby is fitting right in. We're finally on a good schedule over here, ya know, right before I was about to lose my mind from no sleep. And now I need Kit Kats, too. Could I build creche out of Kit Kats?

  6. BTW, hilarious vid. Probably have to share.

  7. Laws!!! I am dying. Dying!!! Hahaha, I had all this stuff I wanted to comment about your post and then I watched the video. And now I need to watch it again.
    PS ND is my second favorite team because they are usually full of stand up guys, preceded by "Dan Smith" and the Cougars of course, hahaha!

  8. I am so terrified for two. I keep telling myself that I just need to get it over with and then any kids after that will be easier. That's a healthy attitude, right?

  9. HA! I need to catch my breath...Scoish Velociraptor Maloish..hahaha! Excellent cookie baking (and eating) skills btw :-)

  10. You have two toddlers, a newborn, and you made a nativity out of sugar cookies? You are a rock star.

  11. It took me way too long to realize that video was a parody. But now I'm going to bed with my mascara smeared down my cheeks from laughing so hard and I'm too tired to go wash it off.
    Loving the nativity too BTW. So much tastier than a resin model.

  12. I love your nativity photo! It is quite a fabulous construction, and I also love the random assortment of items in the background of the photo(: