Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 QTs

Linking up with always awesome Hallie this Friday (or Thursday) for some QTs. 

1) I am sure this will be #1 on every body's list, or at least every body's mental list, but I am keeping Jen in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I cannot imagine dealing with anything in addition to just being pregnant + having 5 other kids-- definitely offering up diaper changes and screaming toddlers and praying for her.

2) Did you see Grace's "Birth Story Link-Up"? It is the best thing ever for the lover of birth stories, which I do happen to be. It's like a snack platter of birth stories-- a smorgasbord, if you will. Oh, you don't want to use food comparisons when talking about birth? Why ever not? Head over and pick out a birth story like your getting something from a vending machine. Too much? I will stop.

3) I am writing these a tad early since we are having a veritable deluge of company this weekend, and after the detox from family post-Christmas break, I am just a wee bit excited. Lucy will get to see her closest cousin in age, little Charlie, and we will attempt to take a Charlie Brown-esque photo of the 2 wee ones. Only if I can scrounge up a little blue dress for little Lucy and find our stuffed snoopy, we'll see and so will you if it happens.
from their first meeting around Thanksgiving

4) In honor of the fam-a-lam visiting and then the ND championship game on Monday, I will be making a few favorite recipes
Click it HERE and HERE for these bad boys
5) Did anyone else have a heck of time taking their kids to Mass so many times in one week due to Christmas, Sunday and the holy day?? I am the biggest wimp alive and I am pretty sure that I am failing %100 at teaching my children how to behave at Mass, but seriously the holy day of obligation nearly did me in. Mike leaned over to some friends sitting behind us afterward and said "to their credit, they have never actually been to Mass before". Because that is what they acted like.

6 )I just weighed Lucy and our scale just said she is already 15 pounds. Which means that when we eventually kick her out of our room (soon, I hope) she will be too fat to go in the bassinet. If she wasn't so cute I would reprimand her for her gluttonous ways, but alas I cannot:
too much? never
7) This was one of the funniest things I've seen, especially since having kids.
My favorite part is when he says "Do you want to know what it's like having 4 kids. Just imagine you're drowning... and someone hands you a baby"

Head over for some more Friday fun. 


  1. Ok, yes, not only is our #1 the same, but so is our #2. And, Jim Gaffigan? Mike and I banned ourselves from watching him when Ellen is sleeping. We just wake her up from crying with laughter :)

  2. 1. Lucy in incredibly adorable, you can never have too many pics of her.
    2. Thanks for sharing the video clip, I loled a bunch.
    3. I mentioned you in a post I am posting yesterday. Don't be weirded out. Please?
    4. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. haha meant to say posting tomorrow... it's late. :)

  4. Those babies are so cute and that bread looks so yummy!

    I'm visiting from 7QT!

    Happy New Year!
    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. Omg...that Jim Gaffigan clip is hilarious! Thank you for sharing. Our kids are 5, almost 3, & 1 now, and my husband & I keep turning to each other saying, "This has to get better eventually, right? I mean I love the kids, but they have to get easier at some point, right?"

    Prayed as a family for Jen this morning. Will keep praying.

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm dying of cuteness. Her hair is adorable! Also, I love Jim Gaffigan and that's one of my favorite lines, ever.

  7. Lucy pics ~ so cute!
    Full credit for Mass attendance in my book, by the HDO we were attending separate Masses so as not to have to take the kids.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. How is it that Mary and Lucy look so much alike? Is it just the age? Because I swear that bottom right photo...they are like the same insanely cute child!


  9. Oh my gosh Lucy is obscenely adorable!!!

  10. We love Jim Gaffigan here - I just bought Phil 3 of his standup DVD's for Christmas!!

  11. Oh man, he is HILARIOUS! Is his stuff generally clean yet hilarious like that? If so, I am going to have to buy some dvd's!!

  12. Charlie and Lucy! Love it! Maybe you can start teaching her football-swiping skills soon?

  13. Yes about getting the kiddos to mass so much!!! Love your blog as usual. :)

  14. That is a super cute baby. And so much hair! My own Lucy has a lot of hair, too, and also a brother named Charlie. And that Jim Gaffigan bit is hilarious.

  15. Oh my goodness...Jim Gaffigan is THE BEST. I should totally steal Colleen's idea and make that a gift for the husband!