Friday, February 8, 2013

I want wine (quick takes)

Joining Jen and the saner ones for some chaotic quick takes.

I happen to be of the breed of mothers who rely heavily on nap time, not so that I can nap, but for the quiet time where children are not awake and around me for even the tiniest amount of time, for the sake of my sanity. Heavily is actually an understatement. Even Naomi who is almost 4 still has a "rest/nap" every day. I make her stay in there for an hour and a half whether she sleeps or not, because I am an evil evil woman.

I have tried really hard to make Lucy sleep at the same time as the girls every day and Bernadette is one of those children who neeeeeeeeeeds a daily nap to get through the day. So when they days like today happen (they hardly ever do) when none of them napped. Not the 3-yr-old, not the 2-yer-old, not even the 4 month-old. I kind of freak out a lot bit.

You would have thought after an exhilarating morning out running ever-so-important errands to Target and Old "Maybe" (both girls' pronunciation) they would have been totally worn out
Noami trying to convince her new best friend of 3 1/3 minutes to stay with her at chik fil a for "11 or 12 years"
It must have been too much excitement to sleep.

I have had to resist pouring a glass of wine with every fiber of my being and never have I ever regretted so much not having a fully stocked liquor cabinet to slyly spike my chamomile tea with because it is just not cutting it.

In addition to the non-napping day is the fact that I am starting to go slightly insane from currently having so little to eat. I found myself eating this for lunch:
yes, that's white rice+bacon bits
Whatever goodness real bacon adds to food, bacon bits take away from food that same amount. I have never been so grossed out at what I was eating.

A not-at-all vain bright spot in this day is the 2 pairs of my very favorite Target jeans that I got for %50 off this a.m. The best part is that they are colorful, which is probably not doing my postpartum bod any favors, but I sure like them.

If you're moderately to not-at-all crafty, be sure to check out the link-up and giveaway that will be open here at TimeFlies for the next 2 weeks. That should give you enough time to glue some red paper hearts to your kid's shirt, take a picture and call it a craft and link on up! The criteria for the winner has not yet been decided, so no matter what you have a chance at winning- like maybe you could win an "A for Effort!" prize or "It Turned Out The Least Like It Was Supposed To!" prize. Who knows?? Join in and see what happens.

The tea is gone, I'm having wine.


  1. I also NEED nap time--for the sanity that comes from a break in little people grabbing at you and asking 1,000,000,000 questions. I hear ya.

    headed to check out the giveaway now.

  2. My doctor mentioned some special kind of sleep aid to me today. He said it can cause contractions but I'm pretty sure that only affects pregnant women. Maybe you could sneak it into the girls' hot chocolate..... Also, wine is made from fruit just like certain types of tea are so really drinking wine is a lot like drinking tea!

  3. I totally made my kids "nap" until they were at least 12. Not really. But definitely 5 or so. I always had littler ones and babies, so it was a MUST break in the day. Even if they didn't sleep. Quiet time in your room, in your bed, until I let you out. Or else.

  4. You are so funny! No napping days are the worst! If there was a prize for least crafty I might join up...

    1. If there was a prize for least crafty, I would win!

    2. perhaps one prize will go to the best craft and the other to the worst... there are two prizes!!

  5. I would literally not be able to stay home with them (and homeschool) if there was no quiet time. The oldest is 4.5 and sleeps maybe one day a week, but we will be having quiet time forever. I think actually forever. I was going to give it up at 5, but clearly that is ridiculous and we will be keeping it up. It can be reading time, if they ever learn to read.

  6. I am dying at your lunch. That is so something I would do.

    And, is it whine you're looking for? We have plenty over here.

    Oh, you said wine. Sorry.

  7. I am hoping that once Ryan starts sleeping through the night (okay, IF he does when I night-wean him...) that he will have a longer nap. You know longer than 20 minutes max unless you are sitting with him on your chest. I cherish those 20 minutes and then nurse him back to sleep normally 2+ times more if I am lucky. I understand your freaking out. Clink, clink from over here!

  8. Nap time was absolutely sacred. I would guard the door when you all came in from school to warn if 'the baby is sleeping-shhh!'Hopefully, this is a very random, napless day and not the new trend. And I'm with you on the artificial bacon bits.

    1. mom, you have no idea how happy it made me to see you your name with the other comments! miss and love you!

  9. My mother instigated a time of the day that she dubbed "Quiet Time." No matter how old you were you had to participate. For younger ones it meant nap. For older ones it meant do something that didn't make noise like read or draw or play quietly in your room. I think it's how she kept her sanity and in seriously considering implementing it once children arrive.

  10. um, yes. i am freakishly dependent on naptime, too.

    Bottoms up, and fill er up!

    ps - I would LOVE to participate in your linkup, but we already made really fairly boring v-day cards (nothing special) and are in the middle of a bunch of lenten preparations - plan to blog about our projects... it really wouldn't fit, would it? :( I would probably be a joy-kill to anyone else celebrating with v-day fun. Oh well... I will link up next time!! :)