Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The 20 minute workout

That took 3 hours to complete.

I come from a family of go-getters. I would say that the majority of my siblings and my parents live by the mantra "go big or go home"-- at least in the fitness realm of life. I was once unknowingly roped into biking more than 30 miles up to some monument in D.C. when my sister lived there. I won't get into specifics, but I was NOT in shape even a little bit and there was much cursing and wailing and grinding of teeth, maybe even a tear or ten thousand shed by me since the coarse was almost entirely uphill. And it was over 100 degrees. I almost died.

I am a middle child, I've mentioned that before. And with that comes a spirit of mediocrity that I really love about me. I am ok with not being perfect, in fact, I like it. But the older half of my family and even some of my younger siblings are constantly raising their bars and making me look bad, and I don't like to look bad.

Yeah, that's my mom next to me, not my sister. See what I mean?

I recently decided to try to get up before the girls and workout. I am not going to lie, the fact that my above mentioned sister gets up at 4:45 every day to workout, and my mother (whose into her 50s) still gets up in the 5 o'clock hour most days to workout before she goes to work, might have impacted that decision. But for a lesser motivated, non-perfectionist middle child like myself, that sort of thing just doesn't go well. However, for sake of the tiny bit of competitiveness that exists in me, and the desire to not look bad, I've been  trying to make something work. Getting up early has failed, so I've been trying to work out while all three girls are awake and around me and let's just say it could be going better. Here's how it went today:

(*this workout is supposed to take 30 minutes, I usually cut out the warm up and cool down which shaves it to about 20. I started it before 9 this morning and did not finish until 12)

9- After an intense internal battle about whether I should even attempt the workout, the 2 bowls of honey chex that I devoured for breakfast did me in and I decided to go for it so as to not feel so gross. I put on a 30 minute video for the girls, and suit up in my fitness gear.

9:10- I bring Lucy out to the play room with me, my computer and my ghetto weights and try to go for it. 3 minutes into it.

9:13-  The practically perfect baby I was just raving about decided to err on the side of practically and would not let me put her down anywhere: no bumbo, no exersaucer or bouncy seat. I decide to go see if she can be put down for a nap.

9:30- I nurse her for a while- not easy to do in a sports bra- but she will not fall asleep. I come out to see the girls' video has ended and think maybe I should give up on working out for today (then I think of what my mom would do... NEVER!!)

9:35- Put Lucy back in the exersaucer with the other 2 girls in the play room and get 5 more minutes of the workout done. By this point I am not even half way through the first circuit, there are 3.

9:40- Everyone is complaining so we make the shift to the downstairs play room. I throw the bumbo seat down stairs, grab my computer, the baby, and my weights and head down.

9:50- Try to start again. Mike walks out of his office and sees me in my getup and asks "isn't my family coming over in 10 minutes to say 'goodbye'?" To which I responded defensively saying I was going to keep going until they called and then quickly put on some pants over my shorts and a sweater to greet them. He realizes I might bite his head off and hides elsewhere.

9:51- I manage to rig up a good system for Lucy with the bumbo and toy gym and get a good 7 more minutes done. The phone rings, it's Mike's family almost there, I throw on some clothes over my now sweaty gear, put a 2nd coat of deodorant on and head back upstairs.

10:50- Mike's family leaves and I am determined to finish the 2nd circuit before lunch. The girls beg to go outside, so we do that first.

11:30- Going outside takes up all of 30 seconds but then hot chocolate had to be consumed- duh- and the girls ask to listen to a book on tape. Perfect! I set it up and then rig up Lucy's bumbo/gym contraption and get back to it.

11:37- 2nd circuit is finally done and the book on tape finished and they want to do it again. I run out and rewind it and tell Naomi to press play when it's ready and do some more.

11:40- Now I am determined to speed through and finish the 3rd and last part to be done with the flipping thing. Lucy is starting to get angry, but I pacify her by singing some stupid song while hopping on one foot and running in place.

11: 44- Naomi is now screaming about a bug on her hand. It can wait. I must finish.

11:46- I keep singing the stupid song through the last minute of abs.

11:47- Lucy is now getting even more angry at me for singing the stupid song to her. But  now finally, it is all over.

I am going to venture to say that it was not worth it and I think Lucy would agree. Also- I feel sure that the calorie burning aspect is probably lost, at least a little, in the constant stopping and starting but somewhere in my head is the sense of accomplishment for finishing it. I think that's all that really matters anyways.

(*I just found out we have a new pope. And yes, I am still going to post this boring POS post, because it took me too freakin long to write to not post it.)


  1. HA ha ha. Yes, this sounds so familiar. Work out videos sound like such an easy way for a SAHM to exercise, until you figure in those pesky kids. Now I (sometimes) walk/jog laps around my tiny back yard as the girls play, and I try not to care what the neighbors think.

  2. wow- i am exhausted just from reading this post. So proud of you for accomplishing it and I can totally relate!

  3. It is really hard to get a workout in with littles underfoot. My favorite is when they try to do it WITH you, so you may actually wind up with one of them literally under your foot!

    BTW, Lucy is just too too cute!

    And you're right. I did think that was your sis. Amazing genes!

  4. "11: 44- Naomi is now screaming about a bug on her hand. It can wait. I must finish"
    That. is. awesome. i cry!
    listen. how was jillian? her eyebrows - did they stress you out?? I haven't started the shred dvd yet because I don't know if I'm ready to deal with her brows, her mean teeth (she bares her teeth right at you! i don't like it), her man voice. anyway, great job!! go eat a sleeve of oreos! you deserve it.

    1. I try not to look at her face or listen to her voice while doing the videos. I am always looking at the "least hard" lady anyways. Her shred helped me lose 40 pounds after my 2nd pregnancy, I was in the best shape of my life from it, so I do think it delivers. But yes, her eyebrows are the worst and her scary annoying voice is even worser...

  5. I'm a middle child too and I totally know what you mean about NOT being a perfectionist. I am totally not either. I do manage to work-out or at least exercise most days. I have a 6 month old and what I do is strap her into the mai tai and then do 45 minutes of stepping (on one of those steps) while watching a show. It's not great..and I would prefer to do more ab work and strength-training but I find that with a new baby, it's super hard to actually work-out unless they are strapped to me (or moving in a stroller) because they always pick that time to fuss, want to be held, nurse., etc.

  6. Girl, just running up and down those stairs is a good workout! Kudos for finishing!

  7. Congrats on finishing. I just gave up because I am living at my parents and I feel like a whale. What? Those aren't good excuses? I'll start again when we move, or I give birth, or something...

  8. I love that you are doing 100 things at once, but may I suggest that you make exercise time your alone time? That sounds so preachy, and I don't mean to be, I just have been in your shoes! It's much easier (obvi) and you get a mental boost with your physical boost. Maybe when Mike is not so busy studying, he can take over for 20 minutes so you can get it did :)

  9. Love the picture of your family - I'm only one of 7, but I only have one brother - at least your brothers have each other with all those sisters! I know what you mean about the early rising. I signed up for a 4 week boot camp with a friend and it's at 5:45 in the morning. HATE.IT. Love the working out, but the 5:25 rising 3 days a week is KILLING me. My friend is signing up for another 4 weeks (we have one week left) but I have already said "no way". I can't sustain that. Tired Mommy is NOT happy Mommy.

  10. So glad to hear I'm not the only one!
    I've been consistently doing Insanity for three weeks now, but craziness ensues in those 35 minutes! This week alone, I had an entire box of cereal spilled on the floor, bickering children that I had to send to their room, and several missed phone calls, but I AM GOING TO FINISH dammit :)