Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Favs

Joining Hallie and lots of other fine ladies for some favorites, because it's Wednesday, we left the house today, Mike's written exams are done in 30 minutes and life is good.

Gin and tonics
Identify that quote and you're my new favorite person
 Although Mike still has the oral component to his exams on Tuesday, the most grueling and intense part is done today and we will be celebrating tonight. Even if celebrating means that he falls asleep and I drink gin and tonics by myself, whatev.

TimeFlies new facebook timeline cover photo.
Made by my lovely, talented sister
And while I'm at it, since I don't have a nifty button on the blog, I'll invite you to go ahead and "like" TimeFlies on facebook! Pleeeeeez?

New mascara. In yellow bottle.
It could have made my lashes all clumpy and I would still love it because the bottle makes me so happy. It must be the lack of sunshine that I will take color anywhere I can get it, even from my makeup cases. 

Polka dots. 
 Particularly this shirt or anything like it. I want one now.
This one is from Forever 21. I may be making a pit stop there while out to fetch the remainder of Naomi's birthday gifts. I'm sure I'll let you know if I do.

Which leads me to my next and final favorite thing this week:

Naomi Therese Hahn

She will be celebrating 4 years of life outside my uterine confines this Saturday. She is just about excited as she can be and I am just about as sappy and emotional as I can be. How the heck was it 4 years ago that my water was about to break with the speediest first labor I ever could have imagined to follow? It really goes too fast. She brings more excitement, entertainment, energy and love to our days and I do not deserve to be her mother. I love her.

Ok, I'll leave it there. Hit up Hallie for more!


  1. It's a Wonderful Life! His momma says it. :) --CA reader

    1. Major points for the movie! But it's Annie the maid that says it :) Still, you got the movie, way to go!

    2. And also, I think my 4 yr old son, Will, and Naomi would get along quite well. Both spunky. And it's so funny how much she looks like your mother-in-law, Kimberly (I'm a huge fan of hers) :)

  2. Happy early birthday to Naomi! And i love the new cover photo for your blog! :)

  3. It's A Wonderful Life! Love that movie. Happy Birthday to Naomi!

  4. Yes and yay for celebrating with a Gin & Tonic, though they now always remind me of the scene in Shadowlands where C.S. Lewis gets flustered ordering room service for himself and his wife.

    Great cover picture!
    Happy (early) Birthday to Naomi!!

  5. Loooove It's A Wonderful Life. And I ran into Mike this morning at the library! Here's to being pretty much d-o-n-e tonight and gin!

    Happy early birthday, Naomi! All those photos are so sweet.

  6. I just bought some mascara too-the fuschia case may have been the main deciding factor.

    Happy birthday Naomi!

  7. I had my first gin and tonic last weekend (I'm a cosmo girl) and it tasted sweat. Was it a bad bartender?

  8. "I was savin' this for a dee-vorce if I eva I get a husband" Annie = my fave IAWL character. And maybe the Baileys' sassy secretary.

  9. I love that the baby pics of Naomi look JUST like her now, except, ya know, not as a baby. Happy 4th N-dawg!

  10. I love gin & tonics, but always feel like the odd one out around my friends because they always drink super girly, super fruity things!

  11. Liked your page...of course.
    And, polka dots? I love them so much they were the theme for Ellen's first birthday (easiest theme ever? yes!).
    Finally, it's a wonderful life, don't you think?

  12. G&T's are our "house" drink. We always have the supplies...they're totally a favorite here!

  13. I love checking your blog, and I'm finally commenting because I love everything about this post (except I'll take a vodka tonic because gin tastes like Christmas trees). IAWL is one of my top five movies, and I just bought a polka dot dress (on sale!) at Forever 21. I have three daughters, (6,2,1) and the stories you tell about your girls...well, I can relate! (BTW, I wanted to ask how you managed to rehab your middle child's hair - my middle has Jeff Daniels hair, too.) And I don't know about your girls, but I have to wipe mascara off my girl's faces/clothes/walls daily...I guess that love starts very young! Hang in husband finished his PhD last year. And "thank you" from another mom who enjoys your blog!