Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Complaining again

Today has come thisclose to killing me.
Which is ridiculous because it is essentially the last full day of Mike being completely saturated in this work . However, I maybe, sort of, kind of, a tiny bit, have felt like a single mother at various moments throughout the day (and night) for the past 2 weeks. Only exaggerating a little.

But seriously-- aside form the fact that the sun is shining as if it is going to be in the 50s and then you walk outside and you're lucky if it's even touching the teens-- why does Lucy choose this time of life to STOP sleeping through the night or coming anywhere close to it? The last 2 nights have been the absolute worst since her birth.
she is so lucky she is cute

And why oh why the heck do the children insist on choosing a day like today, when I am approximately one millimeter from the end of my rope to NOT NAP AT ALL, any of them and be completely BATshit crazy?

Why do they do it?

I don't know, but at least they soften the napless blow by doing things like this to turn my perma-frown into at least a half smirk:

What are they doing, you ask? Naomi demanded that I take some pictures of her and her "kings" Edmund and Peter, which are also known as the end posts to her and Bernadette's beds. She has crowned them with those connector baby toys, clothed them in her sweaters, and will not stop hugging them. It is borderline creepy, but funny enough that I choose to laugh and not send her to a toddler counselor.

And Lucy is mildly happy if I keep playing this song.
And yes, you can write a blog post this length sitting exactly like this:

And we'll be ok. Because it is over tomorrow.

Wait, I said I wasn't going complain about his.


  1. Teeth maybe?? Try some baby ibuprofen before bed? None of mine were consistent with sleeping through the night until around 11 months. I DO NOT miss those days!! But that's why people have babies when they are young! Just think back to those college all nighters.....

    1. Yup the first thing I thought of when I saw that finger in her mouth was that she's teething. Oh the sleepless nights are the worst part of baby raising!

  2. My kids too! I thought I was going to lose my very very last marble. Spring can't come soon enough!

  3. That game the girls are playing is hilarious.
    From a reader in CA! :)

  4. I feel you - I KNEW we were going to hit a sleep regression, but it's so much more painful than I thought it would be!!! And I can't even go to sleep early to combat it because both babies are nursing from 7-9 or 9:30 and I think that maybe nursing that long will mean they'll sleep? Nope, one is up by midnight, wants to nurse at 2 & 5, the other is up at 4 wanting to nurse, then nursing again at 6 and 7. Not to mention deciding that, hey, the middle of the night is really the time to coo and scratch at your mom's chest with razor-sharp nails.

    But those bedposts are HILARIOUS. So funny. And creepy, but mostly really funny. Wonder how long you can convince her that bedposts are preferable to real boys?

  5. It's Wednesday. Are you alive still?
    This was fun to read, especially since I can so relate to this right now.
    You're gonna be ok. Just go drink you some Momcrack (coffee) and holler for Jesus.