Monday, March 11, 2013

Documenting Lucy

If I had had a blog when Naomi was an infant I would have done this.
I did have one when Bernadette was tiny, but then it went away (for the better for sure) and I did write about her infanthood, but I am pretty sure my anal retentiveness got in the way of actually documenting anything worthwhile anyways. Plus, they're the funny ones, and get plenty of their own posts because of it.

So here we are with third child Lucy and it is imperative for me to do this for several reasons:

1) She is the best baby ever and I should never ever complain and if I ever do you can and should shut me up and refer me back here.

2) My memory for important things is fairly nonexistent.

3) #1 again.

Other than the 2 weeks of early labor I went through with her, her actual birth was a cinch. Epidural + 3 pushes + everything being in tact from her exit out of me (I will neverveverever use that word on this blog) = easiest labor and recovery ever. And her life has followed suit so far.

She was a rock star nurser from the start (as were both of her sisters). And slept contentedly next to me nursing just a couple times each night. Like most babies, she did not love to be set down, but she was always happy in a carrier if all else failed.

There was minimal crying or fussing for the first three months of life and while we had a few weeks around 3 months where it seemed like she was having some reflux issues (re- TONS and tons of spit-up and even more crying) I implemented every natural way to deal with infant reflux and it worked. Because she is that easy.

Around 3 months we kicked her out of our lair and into her own baby-cage. I felt even more like a jerk mother than when we had Naomi or Bernadette cry it out because she is SO good. But even her CIO reflected her goodness since we've only had a few rough nights of crying all told and for the most part it's short and sweet and she sleeps...

Like an absolute champion. I'm sure there will be bad-sleeping phases, and when she's gotten sick she's regressed to waking 3 or 4 times a night, but currently the norm is that she sleeps for 9 or 10 hours straight, wakes once to nurse, and then sleeps for 3 or 4 more hours. It is insane and amazing and I feel like I am cheating. Her sisters wake just as much as, and most nights more, than she does.

She is so content to sit in her bumbo seat/exersaucer/bouncy seat/swing and look at what everyone else is doing and if someone decides to talk to her, she lights up with smiles (and laughs if you are Naomi or Bernadette). There is nothing happening on the movement front (no rolling, sitting up, scooting) and overall she is completely lazy and fat, just the way I like it.

We have family in town right now and I was a little worried that she would exhibit the same "stranger anxiety" (so dramatic) that her sisters did around this age. But no, she has been delightful in anyone's arms and so generous with the smiles, which makes for one overly proud and braggy mother. Oh well.

The last 5 months with her have flown and I hate that she is getting so big, but I am loving every minute with her as a babe. I am glad there is a little more perspective this time around to be able to enjoy all the good moments and not freak out so much (although there is plenty of freaking out) over the hard ones.

And in conclusion, I think we'll keep her.

*after-note: while I wrote this she woke up 4 times for me to nurse/pacify her back to sleep for a nap. She is good at everything else but napping. I'll take it.


  1. Lucy is a little doll. So cute. It is funny how with number three, having an infant is so much "easier" in some ways than it is keeping up with toddlers. But now that Joshua is crawling and putting every spec that he can find into his mouth...he is losing his points for being the easiest one. :)

  2. You've (or I should say Lucy) has given me hope that my 3rd baby will be amazing and easier than our first two. Thank you Lucy, thank you.

  3. I'm loving the "Many Hairstyles of Lucy" montage!

  4. Oh my gosh - so jealous - of the hair AND the awesome baby!! She is so dang cute. And I wish my third were that good just one day of his short and sweet life. He's a maniac. And he hasn't slept through the night yet. Once I drank too much and slept through him crying though - does that count?

    I also have no ability to remember a thing so blogging helps me keep it all in perspective!! :)

  5. Ummm, yeah the third was my hardest and I always tell people it will probably be their hardest too. Now my theory is broken. And of course you think she's the best...everybody loves Lucy (ba da bing)!

  6. That last picture of her in the bumbo seat (the one with the pink shirt) is, by far, my favorite!! She is just precious! When my 3rd was born, my husband left right after (a week later) for 10 months in the Middle East, courtesy of the military. His baby-ness is a total blur, as I had olders. But I think he was pretty good also!!

  7. No matter how many pictures you post of her I'll never be able to get over how cute her hair is! Anyway, she sounds like a true little bundle of joy! McCartney is the same way. So easy that I feel like I'm cheating. In fact, sometimes I don't want to talk about how good she is because I'm afraid that I'll jinx it!

  8. Our baby also has that crazy thick hair, and it kills me that it isn't socially acceptable to put it into a ponytail. You're sooo lucky...;)

  9. 5 months already?! When? ;)
    Lucy is adorable! Yay for a great little girl! And her Hair!!!
    Ellee is a non napper too. In fact, she pretends she doesn't ever never need sleep. She once slept until 5 am... once...

  10. Your Lucy is so cute!
    It's funny how each baby is so different, and how with each one, our perspectives can vary, too.
    With our 4th I feel like I was always full body SWEATING and freaking out whenever he cried. I think I was like that because my other little guys were only 2 and 3 and still pretty needy. Like I would be afraid to set the baby down and go to the bathroom and stuff out of fear that the other kids would eat him or poke his eyes out or whatever.
    With our 5th now, I just feel waaaaay more relaxed. Probably because everyone is older and they are mama's little helpers:) or maybe I'm just using a better deoderant.

  11. Can you teach this next kid how to be like you, Lucy??

  12. I love her. All my babies are hairy, and I think there's something so hilarious about a tiny little peanut of a human with a full head of hair.
    She's beautiful!