Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Favs

Joining Hallie and lots of other lovely ladies for some favorites on this rainy Wednesday.

Jillian's 6 week 6 pack

I guess I just needed a little break from Jill the Pill. Or I felt guilty for dissing her last week (NOT). Or I just need variety in my at-home workouts. Or I am just a fickle woman. Whatever, either way, this DVD was hidden by Naomi behind the heaviest TV unit for well over a year and finally found recently, much to my bored-with-all-my-other-DVDs self (I only own 3). I did it earlier this week and I was dripping sweat and felt like I was going to throw up, so you you can see how it would make my list of favorites. And this morning it still hurt to laugh and breath heavily. There's lots of cardio, legs and bum mixed in too. It really kicks your butt. But mostly kicks your abs. It's good.

Coffee Ice Cubes

What?!?! I know. My life has changed. I am sure everyone else already knows about this, but I was just introduced to it by my friend Kathryn (who is thinking about and definitely SHOULD start her own bliggity blog) and I am hooked. I just put them in a cup with half chilled coffee and half milk and voila, fabulous iced coffee that is virtually incapable of being watered down. And when the ice cubes melt, what do you get to drink? MORE COFFEE!! Does it get any better? I submit it does not.

White Russians

 My next order of biz is to make some decaf coffee ice cubes to try them in my new favorite cocktail, the White Russian. It is sure to be a dynamite combo. I felt like the real deal last night drinking cocktails while watching Mad Men with Mike, who may or may not have made them double strength and inadvertently gotten his wife a bit tipsy. May or may not, you'll never know. Obviously watching The Big Lebowski would have been much more appropriate with this beverage, and with all the leftover ingredients we have, this will probably have to take place some time soon.

Wizard of Oz

My great friend Sarah lent this to me today and I started into it with the girls and we already love it. The chapters are short enough that Bernadette will sit through it with me and Naomi-- this is a shocker-- but it's a tad longer than the typical book that I read with Bernadette, which I hope will ease her in to some slightly more advanced reading. Plus it's just a really fun story.

Chicken Salad

My new favorite recipe:
1 bag Tyson's pre-cooked grilled chicken, microwaved and food processed.
Some miracle whip and ranch to your taste
As many bacon bits as you would like, I like them all.

Enjoy with tortilla chips, on good bread or in a lettuce wrap. It is so easy and sooooo delish.


My friend Marisa who moved away a year ago came back to visit again. It was so wonderful. Her girls get along so great with our girls and she is just a fantastic friend who I hope I can keep in touch with forever or at least until we live next door to each other and chat every afternoon over a large pitcher of sangria-- or at least that's how it goes in my dreams.

Head over to Hallie's for more!


  1. I have been searching far and wide for an easy and simple chicken salad recipe! I'm thinking yours will be dinner tomorrow night...

  2. COFFEE ICE CUBES?! My life is forever changed. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mmm White Russians! Love em.
    And I've heard that Jillian dvd is just killer. Which is probably what I need since I think I have less than half of a single ab left. Damn Jillian....

  4. OOOooooh...what about white russian ice cubes in your coffee? Like, for those Wednesday afternoons that will. not. end?

    1. That is so funny! I thought the exact same thing@

  5. You're so good about exercise! Even when I was engaged and had oodles of time I couldn't stick with a legit regimen! Very, very impressive

  6. Coffee cubes, thank you for reminding me!
    And the rest of the list too!!

  7. White Russians are my faaaavorite drink and Jeff Lebowski is my faaaavorite Dude. You win Ana. You just win.

  8. Coffee ice cubes - I KNOW! Those babies made my summer last year.

  9. YUM: Coffee + alcohol. Too bad I gave up drinkin' to cure my headaches...not overhang headaches..just regular headaches.

  10. Tyson chicken for chicken salad is a brilliant idea. We have been using canned chicken (like the tuna) and it's easy and my husband loves it that way but it's all shredded and not chunky.

  11. I totally understand needing exercise variety- that helps keep me interested in exercise (then there's making time for it, which is a whole other issue). Anyway, I recently put together a list of my favorite workout videos if you're looking for more to add to your collection: