Monday, May 20, 2013

What I Wore With My Hair Cut

I had thought about doing an entire post on endeavoring to cut my own hair, thanks to Dorian and Grace inspiring me to give it a try, but the results of the cut were underwhelming to say the least and in no way deserving of their own blog post.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to give due attention to the fact that the tutorial that Grace posted was really great. It was especially prefect for just trimming the ends of your hair and I will pretty much never be going back to the salon unless I am going for a drastic 6-inches-off-to-doante-my-hair look like I did 2 years ago (the below picture is NOT MY CURRENT HAIR CUT):
Which will hopefully never happen again. Large headed person like me + extremely short bob=bobble head until it grows out. No good.

This is approximately how much I cut off on Saturday:
one inch tops

So here's what my hair looked like before:

And here's how it looked after the trim, paired with my Sunday outfit yesterday (you see how I am tying it all together here?):

The shirt and shoes hail from Old navy, the earrings and belt from Target, and the skirt is a thrift store find from 2 years ago that I am just now getting to wear for real.

We had quite possibly the very best Mass experience of our lives as parents of ex-utero children. It may have had something to do with the fact that Mike's mom and 3 brothers accompanied us, or the girls are finally turning a behavioral corner... (cue internal evil maniacal laugh) never. But either way, I was basking an all the extra quiet and sitting still that took place and even though Lucy was having a melt down in the narhtex with a Mike for a good chunk, I was blissfully unaware up in the second pew enjoying the Mass.

We had a great visit and even got a fam photo post Mass. Please excuse the slight blur and my bare feet.
Now we're back to real life and I am dreaming of my upcoming jaunt to the ville  this weekend with only one low maintenance little babe. It can't get here soon enough.

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And in other news, check out Hallie's fantastic father's day giveaway and enter to win!!


  1. You look beautiful! And I really like that short cut you had a few years ago, seriously!

  2. I'm with Colleen, I LOVE that short cut on you! But the upkeep of short cuts is tough sometimes, because you HAVE to style them all the time or they look bad and they're too short to pull up in a ponytail.

    I'm totally taking the plunge and trimming my own hair next time I need it (which is coming up... October was my last cut!). Normally I just grow it out for a couple of years and get a free cut so I can donate it, but the ends are definitely getting scraggly already!

  3. I'm guessing the stellar Mass behavior was what I like to call the "grandmother effect". Happens over here all the time. Don't let your guard down.....!

  4. You did awesome Ana! I've been using that method to cut my hair for ages and it's saved me tons and tons! It works!! Also, your outfit is super cute! Love the skirt! So pretty!

  5. Love the grandmother effect when it comes to Mass behavior!!

    Your hair looks great...I've cut my hair before but it never turned out that great. I need to check out that tutorial.

  6. Great trim an lovely outfit! Seriously I need to pay you to giver a wardrobe/overall makeover!

  7. I am in love with your skirt! I'm so sad I can't buy one right now :) Thrift stores are second on the list of places my boys flat out refuse to enter without much wailing and gnashing of teeth--the first being any craft/fabric's like they can sense that I'm going to wander aimlessly around before I even start.....

  8. Great family pic, Ana. I can't believe how big and lady-like Naomi looks. Looking forward to seeing you and Lucy this weekend, and then hopefully, very soon, a trek to the Bend to see rest of the clan.

  9. Such a cute cut! And that skirt is amazing- I'm convinced that everyone else has the best thrift stores!

  10. I definitely looked ahead and thought you cut your hair short! Still impressive though, great job!

  11. That is fascinating! The haircutting thing. I don't know if I should do it. I have a history of cutting hair and it turning into disasters...but now I'm curious. I better not. Not just yet.

    Love the skirt!