Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bust Out, Baby

Should I be blogging right now? Absolutely not. But I am because I am a rule breaker.
Tomorrow we embark on our Annual Hahn Summer Steubenville Vacation for another week spent by my lonesome while Mike talks Theology and prays-- not so awesome but tolerable since I will be staying at my parents'-- and to celebrate my little sister's nuptials- which is going to be bomb. So this morning I went against everything I believe in and actually made... wait for it... a To Do list so as to keep my self a little bit on track and get us out the door a little bit on time tomorrow morning.

So yes, I should be folding that load of laundry
Why fold it when you can photograph it?

And separating it into piles of clothes to put away and clothes to pack, but all three girls are peacefully asleep and I am scared to move a muscle for fear of waking them. Or I could be trying to take a nap, but I laid down and could not stop thinking about the things I should be doing but can't do because the girls are napping. Also I really don't want to move my body because of a morning of cleaning in Super Bust Out Mode.

What is Super Bust Out Mode (or SBOM) you ask? You asked.

You see, after I made said To Do list, I realized that I dropped the ball on getting the cleaning items done that I wanted to do before we leave for our trip. Like I should have started on the list at least a week ago in order to do them and do them well. Enter SBOM, which I have blogged about it before, and it is such a wonderful thing that I will go ahead and give it a second tribute. It was introduced to me by my sister, April, who shares many a middle child tendency with me, her fellow middle child sister. And here is how it works:

Choose a task, or tasks, that you need to accomplish.
Set a timer for an allotted about of time, say 25 minutes per task.
Go nuts. Super bust out nuts. Move as quickly as you can and just get it done.

DO NOT worry about the quality of the work you are doing, worry about getting it done in that time frame. Half-ass it, if you will.

"But I'm a type A perfectionist personality who likes things to be done well, nay, done perfectly, I could NEVER get into super bust out mode", you say? You said it. Maybe you are, but if it comes down to a thing getting done badly or not getting done at all, perhaps you could learn to be flexible on the level of perfection that is achieved on a given task.

For instance, the wall in our kitchen has had layers of food crusted on it for months and months, and this morning, I decided to SBOM it. It is much better. Is it perfectly clean? H-E-double-hockey-sticks NO, but it is better than it would be if I didn't do it at all.

You might be thinking "Wait, this is how I do things all the time, every day, with every chore." Or no, that's just what I was thinking. Because it is, as long as things are livable here than I am ok, they absolutely do not need to be perfect, especially in the realm of cleanliness. If I don't see it, than it doesn't bother me. And there are a lot of areas of this house that I just don't even touch, I don't even look at them, let alone SBOM them.

But then there are mornings like this one, where I realize that I would be not in this house  for an extended period of time and that coming home to a basement shower that hadn't been wiped down for at least 6 months, no more like 8, by my mom, when Lucy was born and that might actually bother me after not being around it for so long. Coming home after an extended vacation is kind of like moving back into our house all over again for me and I see all the little things with eyes that haven't seen them for a while, I notice them and then they drive me crazy.

So this morning SBOM was imperative for a bunch of the stupid cleaning things that I never do, that I would rather do half-assedly than not do at all. And now that they are done, I can sit and write a lengthy, useless blog post about how I did them. Someone should really muzzle me.

Totally unrelated  outtakes from an attempted photo session with Lucy and her cousin Leo, during their last play date while Mike's sister, Hannah and her husband Ben are living here in South Bend. This is our last day seeing them while they live here. Sniffle sniffle (times 100).

I hear little voices, back to the gr gr grind.


  1. So is it middle child syndrome....I thought it was just me being unorganized....your reason is better. I'm dying laughing over here because I do the same thing....only problem I that my husband can't possibly understand why that shower that hadn't been touched needed to be. I frustrate him, but I am so glad to hear someone else goes through the same process before leaving on a trip!

  2. Ok..I love your attitude about cleaning and your SBOM. That is totally how I clean..all..the...time. Perfectionist, I am not, but I love that SBOM idea.

  3. Love it! As Flylady says, "House work done imperfectly still blesses your family." I just finished SBOM the kitchen.

  4. Wow Ana, we're totally twins on this. I HATE to-do lists (they completely stress me out) and and I totally SBOM on rare occasions (but I just didn't have a name for it) and I completely ignore certain areas of my house (like, the entire second floor, cause, you know, we only sleep there) and I go insane-crazy about getting the house perfect before a trip. I had no idea it was a middle child thing, though. It makes perfect sense! I've found that having playdates at my house and people over for dinner helps me to get my act together. I won't clean for myself and my family but I will SBOM like a fool before people come over!

    1. Yes, we are totally twinsies! Sometimes I just schedule play dates so that I will have the motivation to clean. I love SBOM.

  5. AH! Love the pictures!!! Ben and I both started laughing. To quote Ben, "I don't think we need to worry about his weight!".

  6. Haha! I love this! I'm totally doing this tomorrow...the girls nursery will be tidy in 25 minutes thanks to you!!! :)

  7. Love this! I'm so bad about cleaning on a regular basis, then when I actually put forth some real effort, I'm surprised at how much I can get done in ten minutes. Martha Stewart I am not!

    Have fun in the 'ville this week!